Salim (later Jahangir) was always power hungry and not what is shown in the ongoing Track of Jodha Akbar serial. Know his atrocities & impatience for power

Jodha Akbar has taken a leap, and Rajat Tokas – Paridhi Sharma are proud parents of their young son Salim (Ravi Bhatia). Salim in the serial is shown as a simple guy who doesn’t love being a shehzada or a crown prince, but prefer being with the soldiers. He not only hates being a royal member of the royal family, but is also not interested in power or being the next Emperor. 

While we know the serial is highly fictional, here, we share the historical findings which is exactly the opposite.

jahangir salim jodha akbar crown prince Jodha Akbar : Salim was Power Hungry, not Power Phobic

Salim Revolted Against His Father As He Was Impatient For Power

Mr. Subramanian Swamy is right when he says our history book only glorifies the foreign invaders. And now we have serials too. Just to justify Salim’s actions against his tolerant father, the serial gave us a fictional side that Salim was not bad. In fact, his step mother Ruqaiya made him bad, by filling his ears against his parents. Not just that, the serial even went on to show that Ruqaiya is the real reason for Salim’s addiction to wine and opium. 

salim jodha akbar serial zee tv Jodha Akbar : Salim was Power Hungry, not Power Phobic

While, there are few who take the serial only as entertainment, there are many who believe – ‘there has to be some base to show something cruel like this’. Well, the reality is Salim was no victim of Ruqaiya. Only Salim was responsible for his vices. Even though he was declared as a next successor in very early age, he was impatient for power. So, he revolted against his father in 1599 when he was 30.

The Imperial Ladies Pressurised Akbar and Supported Salim as the Next Successor

Salim was defeated and his revolt was crushed. This infuriated Akbar. However, the ladies of the Mughal Harem – Ruqaiyah Begum, Salima Begum and Akbar’s mother Mariyam Makhani convinced Akbar to make Salim as the next Emperor. This is how Salim succeeded Akbar with the help of the ladies in the harem. The date of his coronation is found to be 24th October 1605 hardly 3 days before Akbar died.

mariam makhani jodha akbar Jodha Akbar : Salim was Power Hungry, not Power Phobic

He Also Kicked Out Khan-e-Khana Rahim from the Mughal Palace and Killed His Sons

Akbar ignored Salim’s ill behaviour but since the Mughal ladies supported Salim, he became the next heir. However, not just Akbar even Khan-e-Khana Rahim was against Salim as Emperor. This is the reason why the Mughal jewel Rahim was kicked out of Agra 8 days later, after Akbar died. Now, Rahim was Jahangir’s tutor, yet he did not leave him. In addition, he killed two of his sons (who were his nephew), leaving their dead bodies to decay outside the Khooni Darwaza.

khanzadah mirza khan abdul rahim khan i khana with akbar1 Jodha Akbar : Salim was Power Hungry, not Power Phobic

He even Blinded his Eldest Son Khusrau

A year later, after Salim became Jahangir, the next Mughal Emperor, his elder son revolted against him. It is said that Akbar wanted Khusraw to be the next heir. He had also made a written will. No wonder, the trend of revolting against one’s father was started by Jahangir himself. However, Khusraw was defeated. He was brought in front of Jahangir and the then Emperor blinded his own son. This elder son of Jehangir was from his first wife Maan Bai or Shah Begum ( also known as Manmati or Manbhawati), Maan Singh’s sister and Jodha’s neice. Akbarnama quotes that she committed suicide a year before Akbar died in 1605.  

maan bai jodha akbar Jodha Akbar : Salim was Power Hungry, not Power Phobic

Guru Arjan who had blessed Prince Khusrau Was Even Tortured and Killed by Jahangir

When Jahangir heard that Prince Khusrau had seeked the blessings of the Sikh Guru Arjan Dev, he immediately ordered Guru’s execution.Guru Arjan was then imprisoned at Lahore Fort. He was tortured for two reasons – 1. For his blessings to Khusrau. 2. Jahangir wanted him to remove all the Hindu and Islamic references in the Holy Book. 

420px Indian   Single Leaf of a Portrait of the Emperor Jahangir   Walters W705   Detail Jodha Akbar : Salim was Power Hungry, not Power Phobic

Guru Arjan refused and he was made to sit on a burning hot sheet where equally hot sand was poured on him. He was tortured badly for 5 days. Later when he was taken to Ravi river for having a bath, he never came back. Nobody knows the reason of his death – Whether it was through torture, execution or drowning. This incident is mentioned in Jahangir’s autobiography.

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