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Off late Jodha Akbar serial has become dreary. Neither there is enough meat in it nor any proper flow. The show just randomly jumps from one sequence to another without any proper justification or rationale. More than a historical drama, it has now become yet another dragged daily soap where the audience is taken for a toss.

jodha akbar serial Things Jodha Akbar Serial Need To Change ASAP

If the serial continues to show the same boring sequence, it is apparent that the falling TRPs will soon show the door to this once so interesting show on Zee TV. Here are some of the suggestions which can help the creative writers.

Jodha – Akbar Serial Should Stick to Jodha and Akbar only

The USP of Jodha Akbar serial is Jodha and Akbar’s unique love story.  Why on earth will the viewers watch their children or grandchildren’s love story? Today the show has taken a leap and giving us Salim-Anarkali story, tomorrow it will be Shahjahan and Mumtaz story… All we need is the CVs to stick to their basic concept and plot – no diversion into another love story.

JODHA AKBAR romance Things Jodha Akbar Serial Need To Change ASAP

But no, the writers just cannot stop themselves to jump from Jodha – Akbar to Salim – Anarkali. Well, we are neither switching the TV to see how legendary the love story of Salim and Anarkali was nor how unique their chemistry is! We would rather see Rajat and Paridhi as the main lead than switch off the TV or change the channels.

Stop the Hyped Nonsense of Ruqaiya Begum

The way Ruqaiya has been stooping down with her plans in the serial is heights! Her ploys are not only irritating now but unbearable. Her expressions, screen presence and foxy behavior in the serial further adds to our woes – Only if she is shown a little realistic so that we can digest her role, and her screen presence.

ruqaiya begum jodha akbar serial Things Jodha Akbar Serial Need To Change ASAP

Give Us More of History, and Less of Fiction

There was a period when we audience enjoyed fictional aspect of the serial. However, these days it seems that the writers have lost their creativity powers. In that case, I, and many other Jodha Akbar fans would suggest the CVs to stick to history rather showing us some lame fictional elements that neither makes any sense nor adds anything to the original concept.

jodha akbar potraits history pictures Things Jodha Akbar Serial Need To Change ASAP

Please, Let the Pace of the Serial Be Even

The most annoying part of Jodha Akbar serial these days is the pace. For instance, till one episode Akbar is shown as very loving and caring king. However, in the very next episode he turns haughty. Till one episode he cannot even bear a dancer’s pain, and even gives her a shelter, and in the next episode he punishes his own most trusted person Maan Singh for no fault of his.

jodha akbar jalal maan singh Things Jodha Akbar Serial Need To Change ASAP

The funny part is – In the case of the dancer, he uses his 6th sense, analyses things and on the basis of that analysis declares her “nirdosh”. And the same Jalal in the same week, even with enough evidence declares Maan Singh as a betrayer even though when he is not the culprit.. Now, how come there is this sudden transformation in the Emperor – Shouldn’t the serial give us enough time to grasp the transformation?

Hope, the serial changes its plots, and theme soon to give us what we want if they are interested in increasing the TRPs. If not, they can either end the serial soon or wait for its end automatically. Nobody is interested in the serial as of now….

What do you think? Also, tell us what all changes you’d like to see in the Jodha Akbar serial?

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