Why is Zee TV and the makers of Jodha Akbar serial trying to defend Jahangir aka Salim for all his vices?

Salim aka Jahangir is known for his bad vices, especially for his addiction to opium and wine. Back in those days, all the Mughal prince had some or the other vice. In fact, not just Salim even his half brother Murad was addicted to alcohol. Still, I don’t understand why Jodha Akbar serial is trying to defend Salim’s Vices by showing everybody responsible for his bad habits – From his baddi Ammi Ruqaiya Begum to the fictional character Haider.

salim anarkali love story Why is Jodha Akbar Serial Defending Salims Vices?

According to the serial, Salim was a good boy, but his father’s friend and first wife made him addicted to opium right when he was a kid so that she could influence him easily.

Jahangir’s frank memoir tells us lot many things about him. If that is less, we have travellogues of two Englishmen, William Hawkins and Sir Thomas Roe, who visited the Mughal Empire and described him as a cheerful man who had immense interest in Arts and Paintings. Though, the Mughal Emperor Jahangir might have certain positive traits, one cannot forget that he was a habitual drinker, who often became dead drunk and neglected the Empire, which is why political ambitious Noor Jahan could take over him so easily. In all, he had both positive as well as negative features just like a normal human being. 

Given the culture and royal convenience of Akbar’s first son, Salim aka Jahangir might have got into these bad vices mostly on his own. I wonder why, the contemporary minds of the CV’s are trying to defend this act by creatively making his step – mother responsible for his bad upbringing. What is the need to defend Salim or his vices – Can’t we just show the reality or build a fictional story based on the available facts? Why spoil image of a Royal Begum’s name for the sake of TRPs?

salim ruqaiya begum jodha akbar Why is Jodha Akbar Serial Defending Salims Vices?

If you see, TV Viewers now hate Ruqaiyah Begum for no fault of hers. For them, Jodha Begum is an epitome of goodness, while nobody can be as bad as Ruqaiyah. Now isn’t that a prejudiced opinion based on just a fictional story?

If you tell me the show starts with a disclaimer, let me tell you majority of the Indians believe that there has to be ‘something’ in History that is why the serial is showing it. This is how Jodha’s goodness and Ruqaiya’s cruelty is explained to you by the Hardcore Jodha Akbar lovers – Yes, you can’t even try to defend Ruqaiya Begum, she is a national villain now.

If Ruqaiyah wasn’t enough, Jodha Akbar now has Adham Khan’s son Haider and Anarkali’s Betrayal too to further defend Salim’s addiction to wine and alcohol.

Again, according to the CV’s Salim is a good boy but then he is forced into drinking because his so called fictional ‘love’ gave him dhoka. Yes, I’m talking about Anarkali. And if that was not enough, we have Adham Khan’s son Haider, who is acting as a catalyst, and forcing Salim to drink more and more. So, going by the CV’s logic all are bad, except Salim.

haider salim bad habits Why is Jodha Akbar Serial Defending Salims Vices?

I wonder, why are the CV’s trying to justify Salim’s habit – What is the need? If it is Entertainment, then it is high time, the makers have a reality check, by looking at the decreasing TRPs of Jodha Akbar…

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