Now that Akbar has found Shaguni Bai in the Jodha Akbar serial – Will she be able to rescue Jodha from the evil Laboni?

Finally, Shaguni Bai is back in the Jodha Akbar serial and this time not to predict something bad but to save Jodha from the evil soul of Laboni. While, we are yet to figure out how Shaguni bai is alive till now (She was quite elder to Jodha even when she young in the TV serial), good news is that she has skills to torture the wicked Laboni, and even that adequate knowledge to throw out from the palace forever.

shaguni bai jodha akbar Jodha Akbar: Will Shaguni Bai save Jodha From Laboni?

Akbar has already Met Shaguni in the Temple

Akbar meets the real Jodha in her room, and she hints him to go the Kali Mandir if he wants to see her safe and sound. Akbar gets the clue and goes in the Kali Mandir. While he is praying, he sees Shaguni Bai. As expected Shaguni Bai who knows everything about the present and the future is aware about Laboni and her plans.

shaguni bai akbar Jodha Akbar: Will Shaguni Bai save Jodha From Laboni?

However, twist in the tale is that instead of giving remedy, Shaguni Bai tells Akbar that Jodha Begum will have to die if she wants to get rid of the soul. Akbar is too disheartened to hear this, He says he can do anything to save Jodha but won’t leave her to die. Shaguni Bai then says in that case, you’ll have to die. Akbar says, “I’m ready” to die to save Jodha.

Now the question is –

Will Shaguni Bai help Akbar in saving Jodha’s life?

Shaguni Bai who has ample knowledge about mantras and power to change things is now ready to fight with the evil soul Laboni. However, Akbar is making sure that Shaguni doesn’t become a victim like Yogi and the women who had the knowledge of mantras. Laboni is too smart and Akbar is not ready to bring Shaguni Bai in circumstances that would harm both her and Jodha.

jodha begum Jodha Akbar: Will Shaguni Bai save Jodha From Laboni?

Shaguni Bai on the other hand, has started her work.

Shaguni Bai is Chanting Mantras which is Irritating Laboni

Shaguni Bai, on the other hand has started reciting mantras. This is irritating Laboni who is going insane due to the continuous chants. She is clueless who is doing this because as per her understanding only Yogi could decode her power and he is no more. Poor Laboni doesn’t know that Jodha Akbar once had a character named Shaguni Bai who has the solution to everything wrong happening in the world.

jodha akbar tv serial1 Jodha Akbar: Will Shaguni Bai save Jodha From Laboni?

Will Shaguni Bai Rescue Jodha this time from Laboni’s Torture?

The Laboni episode is going from months now. The collaboration of fantasy and super natural thrills with historical fiction has totally blown our senses away. While, we cannot deny that how entertaining it is to watch Jodha as Laboni, and how much fun we had to witness a scary and terrorized Ruqaiya Begum, we just hope this time it is the end of Laboni.

shaguni jodha laboni Jodha Akbar: Will Shaguni Bai save Jodha From Laboni?

Jodha Akbar’s Shaguni Bai cannot fail in her work, and we just hope that she soon control the wicked Laboni and throw her out of her body. It has been long since we saw a happy AkDha (Akbar-Jodha).

What do you think will this time Shaguni Bai succeed in her work? Will Jodha finally get rid of the evil soul in Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar?

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