Many of the Jodha Akbar fanatics believe that Murad is Jodha’s son and not Salima Begum Sultan’s. Here I’ll tell you why Murad cannot be Jodha’s son:

Ever since Murad has been introduced in the Jodha Akbar promotions as Salima Begum’s son, the Internet is divided into two sections – One who believe that Murad was Jodha’s son and the other who believe he was not. The non-believers are further classified into two – Folks who believe Murad was Salima Sultan Begum’s son as shown in the serial and Folks who believe him to be a concubine’s son as mentioned on Wikipedia. 

moghul prince salim murad jodha akbar serial Jodha Akbar : Reasons Why Shehzada Murad cannot Be Jodhas Son

Many of the hardcore Jodha Akbar fanatics find it hard to believe that their so called loyal and committed Jalal had a child with Salima Sultan Begum (forgetting the history that Akbar had many wives and concubines). Here I’ll tell you why Murad cannot be Jodha’s son

The difference between Salim and Murad is only 9 Months 

Jodha Bai gave birth to Salim on August 30, 1569, and Murad was born in June, 1570, roughly 9 months after Salim was born. While, many of the people would like to believe that Jodha conceived Murad, the very next day/month after she gave birth to Salim, it somehow cannot connect the dots. Whereas, it doesn’t take much toll on one’s brain that Murad was conceived by Salima Sultan Begum, one of the chief Begums of Akbar. (Also, the Timurid Genealogy states Murad was the son of Salima Sultan Begum) 

jodha salim akbar praying krishna Jodha Akbar : Reasons Why Shehzada Murad cannot Be Jodhas Son

Murad Was Born In Sikri, doesn’t mean he was born to Jodha  

Akbar started making the city of Fatahabad in 1569 to honour the Sufi saint Saleemuddin Chisti aka Salim Chisti. It was after the blessings of Salim Chisti that Akbar was blessed with a son. It was the same year, Akbar shifted his base from Agra to Fatehpur. Obviously, all his Begums too shifted, making it clear that if Murad was born in Sikri, doesn’t mean that he was born to Jodha only as insisted by many of the Jodha Akbar fans. 

murad with jodha Jodha Akbar : Reasons Why Shehzada Murad cannot Be Jodhas Son

Why Will Anybody Hide The Fact that Jodha is Murad’s Mother, if she really was!  

No one can deny the fact that Salim was born to Jodha, a Hindu Rajput queen. So, if Murad was Jodha’s and not Salima Sultan’s son, why would the genealogy do injustice to Jodha? No one had personal rivalry against Jodha. If they had, then, Salim would never be proclaimed as Jodha’s son but Ruqaiyah’s son (just saying!) 

salima begum murad jodha akbar salim Jodha Akbar : Reasons Why Shehzada Murad cannot Be Jodhas Son

Yes, Jodha was the Mother of Two Sons, but not Murad

Jodha Bai was the mother of two sons, but it was Salim and Daniyal (mostly believed). Daniyal born in 1572 at a very young age was given to Raja Bharmal and his wife for his upbringing. He was born and brought up in Amer. Had it not been Jodha’s son, Akbar would not have given Daniyal to the Bharmal’s of Amer. Moreover, Jodha’s family would have not accepted ‘Daniyal’ if he was not Jodha’s son (but of some other Begum or concubine’s son). Though questionable, there is also a parallel story that Daniyal was Akbar’s son from a concubine named Nadira (well known as Anarkali). 

jodha akbar salim murad jodha Jodha Akbar : Reasons Why Shehzada Murad cannot Be Jodhas Son


Just Because we love the Online Chemistry of Jodha and Akbar, doesn’t mean she will mother all his kids. In the serial as well as in real life Akbar respects/respected Salima Begum but we cannot forget the fact that she was his wife, and the two shared a husband-wife relationship. Also, Akbar was a Mughal Emperor who had number of wives and concubines (besides his three main wives) with whom he spent his time on a daily basis. 

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