Jodha Akbar viewers, check out the lesser known facts about Akbar’s second son – Sultan Murad Mirza.

Mughal Emperor Akbar’s second born Sultan Murad Mirza is quite famous among the Jodha Akbar fans. After all, two months ago everybody was discussing who is Murad’s mother and why Jodha Bai can/cannot be his mother. Here we leave aside the topic surrounding his birth, and concentrate on the lesser known facts about him.

sultan murad mirza Things You Probably Didnt Know About Sultan Murad Mirza

Prince Murad Mirza was educated temporarily by the visiting Jesuit Fr. Anthony Monserrate  at the Mughal Court

Akbar’s tolerance is well known in the chronicles. He not only gave importance to Hinduism, but even respected Christanity. His interest in Christanity increased when he heard that two Jesuits had rebuked the Portuguese traders who had defrauded Mughal treasury by not paying taxes.

Akbar was so impressed by their honesty that he immediately sent his ambassador to Goa (where the Jesuits where based) with a letter which requested two learned Jesuits to be sent to his court. He also mentioned his interest in the law of Christainity, esp. The Gospel. The provincial chose 3 Jesuits, one being Fr. Anthony Monserrate and the trio reached Agra in 1580. They stayed in Agra for a period of three years. 

jesuit at mughal court Things You Probably Didnt Know About Sultan Murad Mirza

During this time, Fr. anthony Monserrate gave Murad tuitions. Perhaps that is why Akbar took the Jesuit along with him when he marched towards Kabul in 1581 to curb the revolt of his half-brother Mirza Hakim.

About Murad’s Wives and Sons

Murad was given an imperial mansab of 8000. Murad married Habiba Banu Begum, daughter of Mirza Aziz Koka (son of Atgah Khan). Atgah Khan was Akbar’s foster father. Akbar loved him dearly and mourned his death for quite a while and even killed his own foster brother Adham Khan, the Killer of Atgah Khan.

Akbar didn’t hesitate to turn this fostership into relationship by marrying his son to Atgah Khan’s granddaughter. Murad had 2 sons (Shahzada Rustam Mirza and Shahzada Alam  Mirza) and 1 daughter (Shehzadi Jahan Banu) from this marriage. His daughter married Jahangir’s son Prince Parviz. He had 3 wives more, out of which two were Rajput princess.

He Annexed Kingdom of Ahmednagar during Chand Bibi’s Reign with Khan-i-Khana

In 1595, Mughal Emperor Akbar was undisputed ruler, whose empire extended from Himalayas to Narmada, and from Hindukush to Brahamputra. So, in order to expand his empire, Akbar thought of acquiring Deccan and bringing the kingdom of Bijapur, Khandesh, Golkunda and Ahmednagar under his hegemony.

chand bibi Things You Probably Didnt Know About Sultan Murad Mirza

Mission Deccan of  Akbar was not just to bring the Delhi Sultanate under him, but also to target the Portuguese towards the sea. So, Akbar sent an army led by Khan-i-Khana Rahim along with Prince Murad to annex thekingdom of Ahmadnagar. They together besieged the kingdom in 1595 – where they also got to witness extraordinay courage of Bijapur’s queen Chand Bibi.

He often Revolted Indirectly Against Akbar

Murad never protested or rebelled against Akbar directly, but he often pick up fights over Military tactics with the trusted noblemen of Akbar especially his brother Abdur Rehman Khan-i-Khana. It is also said that Murad aimed for the throne, but nothing concrete is known regarding his intention since he died young.

jodha akbar battle haldighatti Things You Probably Didnt Know About Sultan Murad Mirza

Murad died at the Age of 29 due to Alcoholism

Akbar was a mighty ruler but his sons were addicted to somethings or the other. Murad was addicted to alcohol, so much that he died of alcoholism in 1599, at the age of 29. It is said that Akbar with the help of Rahim, tried to stop the supply of Alcohol to the place where Murad was staying. However, Murad soomehow made the provisions and continue drinking until his last day.

By: Deepti Verma

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