Finally,Jodha Akbar is moving in its real direction by going beyond the family drama and giving us some real meaty historical stuff.

All these months, we saw a lot of Palace dramas revolving from Begums to mothers, brothers and even slave girls in the historical serial of Jodha Akbar produced by Balaji Telefilms. Some of us for a moment, even started wondering whether Jodha Akbar is really a historical series or yet another family drama from the kitty of Ekta Kapoor. But finally, after watching today’s episode all the speculations related to the authenticity of the show has evaporated as we now know something waits for us at the later stage.

Jodha Akbar Jodha Akbar 13th February Update: Todar Mal Introduced

For long, my eyes were desperate to witness those fighting sequence like Tipu Sultan which we saw as kids. Then again watching those scenes in which the king in disguise travels and stays in other man’s house, where he gets to know about his praja and their needs. However, nothing of this ever happened on  the show, allwe saw was Maham’s plan against Jodha and Adham Khan’s regular nonsense.

Nothing in the serial could ever give me the thrill, excitement and fun of watching a historical serial, but with today’s fight between the dacoits and shehenshah to save Todar Mal, the man who gave them shelter in the night, geared me to sit and wait for more. Yes, after the introduction of Man Singh and Tansen, we now meet the next nav ratna of Akbar’s emperor, Raja “Todar Mal”.

Todar Mal who started his career in the Sher Shah Suri regime went on to become a revenue expert who could very well manage to draw a balance between the need of the praja and demand of the state. With this, I just hope the fights, the politics, the administration are given its due importance in the serial just like Maham Anga and her antics have been getting so far…

By: Deepti Verma

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