Jodha Akbar TV serial is on the verge of its end. Here we share some of the best tracks of the show

Unfortunately, despite the fans protest, Zee TV’s magnum opus Jodha Akbar will go off air. The last episode will be shown on 24th July and the stars of the show Paridhi Sharma and Rajat Tokas will bid us adieu as Jodha and Akbar.

jodha akbar team Jodha Akbar TV Serial: 5 All Time Best Tracks

Now that this favorite historical TV show is going off air, here we share five such tracks which were loved by the fans:

The Track of vishkanya Benazir

The entire Benazir track was not only interesting but also captivating. One of the best plots, it also attracted occasional TV viewers. Right from the introduction to the end of the plot, everything was intriguing. From the suspense to the acting, everything was just flawless. No wonder, the show garnered lot of TRPs during this track and surprisingly even defeated the TRP high serial Diya Aur Baati Hum to gain the numero uno position. What’s more, the climax of the plot where Jodha drinks poison to save Akbar, was talk of the town for several weeks.

Zakira and Benazir Jodha Akbar Show Jodha Akbar TV Serial: 5 All Time Best Tracks

Juhi Aslam as Zakira and Meghna NAidu as Benazir at the launch of Jodha Akbar e-book and mobile game during the launch of e-book and Mobile game of Jodha Akbar by Zee TV in Karjat, on January 18, 2014 (Photo: IANS)

The Maham Anga Drama

Mahan Anga (Ashwini Kalsekar) was the best thing that happened to Jodha Akbar. This negative character indeed added all the masala, twist and turns that hooked up the fans altogether. No wonder, we love to hate this character, however, one simply cannot miss the fact that how brilliantly Maham added the flavor to this historical love saga.

Maham Anga Jodha Bai Torture Jodha Akbar TV Serial: 5 All Time Best Tracks

The Entire Consummation Phase of Jodha Akbar

Akbar fell in love with Jodha the moment he saw her but she hated him, and he never forced her. Once, due to certain misunderstandings Jodha even left Agra and started staying in Mathura in disguise. The entire phase was very intriguing as it showed us the unconditional love that Akbar had for Jodha. However, too hurt over various things, Jodha was not ready to forgive Akbar.

jodha akbar love scene1 Jodha Akbar TV Serial: 5 All Time Best Tracks

She decided to stay in Amer but couldn’t stay longer. The reason? Well, even she started feeling for him. Then the way they confessed their love to their first night, and consummation was totally endearing. It was indeed a pleasure to watch their unconditional love thereafter, and undoubtedly it was also one of the best tracks of Jodha Akbar.

The Atifa Angle

Remember how head over heels was Jalal for Atifa? While almost everybody cursed Akbar for choosing Atifa over Jodha, little did we know that Akbar was only playing. His real intention was to save Jodha from Atifa. Moreover, how Maham Anga was exposed was also very remarkable. It was rather very captivating to watch the entire episode.

atifa akbar ruqaiya salima jodha begum maham anga Jodha Akbar TV Serial: 5 All Time Best Tracks

Laboni Track – When Jodhi was under the influence of Laboni

After the leap none of the track was interesting – neither Salim as a kid, nor Salim as a grownup boy. In fact, the focus from Jodha Akbar to Salim Anarkali in a way destroyed the show completely. However, recently, we had a Laboni track in the serial. While, her presence irritated us, her death gave us enough reasons to watch the serial. The reason? Well, her soul went inside Jodha’s body and Jodha behaved like Laboni. The Jodha under the influence of evil Laboni was simply amazing. What’s more the fans could feel how versatile Paridhi Sharma as an actor is.

ruqaiya laboni Jodha Akbar TV Serial: 5 All Time Best Tracks

What was your favorite track in the entire two years of Jodha Akbar?

Image Source: Zee TV

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