Ekta Kapoor’s 16th century magnum opus “Jodha Akbar” is soaring high with every passing week

Ekta Kapoor’s 16th century magnum opus “Jodha Akbar” is soaring high with every passing week. The TVTs (Television Viewership in Thousands) of this love saga has now even found its position among the highly rated television shows on the Indian small screen. Well, one of my previous articles had mentioned that the show is far away from truth, but looks like the fictional twist and turns that enfold each week seems to be working brilliantly among the masses. The reason, Well there are many.

If we look at all the episodes that were telecasted last week from Monday to Friday, we would find number of things that is not only interesting but also intriguing. In fact, we also get to learn philosophy of life from the instances shown in the series. Here they are:

Jodha Bai Jodha Akbar TV Series : A Learning Experience

Jodha Bai, Image Source : IANS

It is better to know your enemies strength before you wage a war or stand against them

Maharana Pratap gets an invitation from Raja Bharmal on the occasion of his second daughter’s wedding with a Rajvanshi. Pratap seems to be in confusion as he doesn’t want to attend a wedding at a deshdrohi’s house who gave the hand of his elder daughter to Mughals. However, not attending the wedding would insult a Rajvanshi girl. Troubled by contradictory thoughts, he seeks advice from his guruji who confronts him to attend the wedding which would even bring him face to face with the Mughal supermo Jallaluddin. Besides, during his stay, he would be able to scrutinize his enemy’s wits as well as strength. The advice seems to work as Pratap witnesses Jallal’s might as well as wit when he sees how he controls his favorite elephant Hawaai when he has been poisoned.

Retort intelligently even to unintelligent conduct

Jallal is constantly thought as stubborn, haughty as well as a bully by Jodha and so she never leaves a chance to taunt him or express her anger towards him. However, Jallal always responds to her smilingly and uses her irritation, fierce and annoyance towards her only. The sit ups awarded to him by Jodha after he purposely sets his foot in a strictly no men zone just to watch Jodha dancing on the mehendi ceremony is well used by him, although on a lighter note. The sweet nok-jhoks of the two also take the show to a whole new facet of their relationship -From harsh enemies to budding lovers.

Knowledge becomes wickedness if the intention is not virtuous

Adham Khan and Sharifuddin are full of knowledge and are courageous too. One captured Malwa and the other Amer, however, now since they are using their knowledge against evil acts like killing Jallaluddin, their own benefactor who trust them so much, every attack is going futile. For instance, Adham’s fruitless attack on Jallal while he was boating as well as his unnecessary act of poisoning his favorite elephant exemplifies the above statement well. To substantiate it further we have Sharifuddin’s failed plan of using the groom and his family to create chaos between Jallal and Jodha.

With great power comes great responsibility

We all love power, supremacy, authority and control. However, with any added weight comes the added task of duty. This was well illustrated in the serial where Jallal hands over his robe, turban along with his shamshir to Jodha and asks her to think as shahenshah because it is not always easy to live a ruler’s life since unlike the common conceptions; a King’s life involves lot of sacrifices as well.

The week before, the historical saga gave me and the viewers a great learning experience; let’s see what the next week has to offer the eager audiences…

By Deepti Verma

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