An interesting analysis of the growing love story between the lead characters of the period drama Jodha Akbar. The story which has fuelled much interest amongst historians and story-tellers waits for it climax in the Ekta Kapoor Production.

A love that was never meant to be , A love that was like a summer storm , short, sudden and full of sound, just like a summer storm . The brief spell of Mirza Hakim– Shivani – Tejwant  paved the way  for the real love to begin , the love story of Jodha -Akbar ! When Mirza Hakim and Shivani were introduced  for the first time, one never understood that the track that began without even a whisper would end  with such explosion. A explosion  that would explode  the comfortable world of   Jodha and Akbar, shaking their notions  leaving them  grappling with the aftermath  of a love that went wrong.

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Jodha and Jalal , both strong headed, stubborn  yet diverse individuals .If Jodha believes in relationships, love  and justice whereas  Jalal believes in  justice, administration, conquest  and lineage  nonetheless  there  is  a  commonality   between  them , both  are staunch  supporters of their  family, defending them  to the utmost, selfless enough to place the welfare of the near and dear above their own , a belief in righteousness, of doing the right thing .Does  the vein of commonality  end there ? No, There is another binding factor, Jalal and Jodha have no idea , no idea about LOVE ! Yes! Even Jodha who is in touch with her softer emotions is uninformed about love .

The wake up bugle has been sounded for Jalal in the form of Mirza Hakim who has begun to pose questions that are bound to disturb the equanimity of Jalal who had prided on the fact that he has no heart! The questions and assertions of Mirza Hakim has disturbed Jalal beyond doubt, his reactions when he sees Jodha in tears or Jodha looking downcast confuses him, befuddles him.  The words of Mirza Hakim speaking about how one can’t bear to see the loved one in tears or hurt echoes in his mind, agitating his fortitude, challenging his  claim about having no heart .

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Jalal with Mirza Hakim in the show Jodha Akbar

As is the norm in such case, Jalal runs from facing the questions fair and square yet the questions haunt him  particularly when he spies Jodha near his vicinity.  He has successfully stalled facing the truth by plunging headlong into expanding his kingdom, diverting his mind  by trying to rouse Mirza Hakim from his gloom.  How long can Jalal save himself from the   lingering questions , questions that have been shoved into the darkest recess of his mind  but not obliterated , questions  that will arise  like the phantom, coming back to  haunt him, demanding acknowledgment, demanding answers , demanding his attention . Jalal will have to face the TRUTH one day and the way to that has been paved today with the unfulfilled love story of Mirza Hakim.

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What about Jodha, Will she remain the maiden untouched by love? Uncomprehending of  that powerful emotion that can sweep the world of its feet, that can destroy the world in a blink , Jodha’s reaction  to Shivani’s elopement seems to imply  a woman who does not and cannot grasp the concept of love. Contrast this with her interaction  between Jalal and herself. You can see a woman who is hurting, hurting not because her sister eloped essentially shaming the house of Amer  and the house of Mughals but hurting because the man she has married  is being perfectly polite and courteous . Jalal who used to rile up Jodha , taunt  Jodha  has turned into a respectful but distant stranger. Jodha who used to be incensed with his taunts now craves for them ,  unbeknownst to her   the taunting  spree had established a bond, a relationship between them,

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Jodha who had considered her wedding as a political expediency has had a change  in her mindset, the marriage of convenience has turned into a relationship, a partnership  as such when there is a withdrawal from the partner, the heart cries  not knowing  the reason for tears  yet feeling the pain . Jodha has not pondered on her tumultuous feelings, has not reflected as to why a man’s inattention hurts her so, moreover a man who she has professed to despise and not love.

What will be Jodha’s wakeup call?The return of Shivani or Shivani’s impassioned plea for saving Tejwant or will it be that ever dependable   ‘J’ Factor?  Will the news of Jalal marrying Benazir  prove to be the watershed moment  when Jodha finally realizes  her feelings. Jodha Akbar is poised for interesting growth  of their characters, lets watch how these two unwilling couple fall in love, realize it, overcome the obstacles and triumph.

By Tanthya

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