After almost 2 months of fight and misunderstandings between Jodha and Jalal, finally we see love blooming in the show

So, the time has come when Jalal and Jodha are falling for each other. After almost 2 months of fight and misunderstandings between the two headstrong personalities, finally we see love is blooming in the show (Jodha Akbar) and both of them seem to be head over heels for each other.

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Jalal seemed already drawn towards Jodha ever since they went to Ajmer Sharif together but nothing transpired between the two as Jodha wasn’t feeling the same vibes. However, who has ever escaped from the clutches of love and that too coming from such a man who is not only helpful but also honest and obliging. Perhaps, that is the reason why Jalal later became one of the Greatest Emperor, because he knew exactly how to keep his words and control any objection raised by his subjects or religious clergies.

The love for Jodha in Jalal’s heart and mind had taken him to the temple in Amer willingly which later created havoc in Agra, so much that he wasn’t even allowed to enter his own premises. Things become topsy turvy and Jodha was asked to convert into Islam. However, Jalal, the man of the words, that he was, declared that nobody would force her to convert and he would rather give away his throne to his present successor, Rahim (Baiaram Khan’s son) than force Jodha to convert. His generosity towards the members of other religion and secularism was one of the reasons why people from other religion and creed appreciated him and placed him above all the Mughal Greats.

Is this is the only reason why Jodha is all deeply involved with Jalal as of now? Well, Jalal had also kept his promise and did not touch Jodha even though the situation demanded to keep her safe and warm from the cold that had hardened her brutally after she spent few hours outside. Jalal instead, chose other methods to keep her warm and bring back to her senses. Jodha, when realized that nothing happened between the two that night, felt relieved and even started respecting her husband as he turned out to be man of his words.

Love seems to be so much in air in the Jodha-Akbar track that the haughty Jodha even cooked for Jalal and ate in the same plate. Jodha, was also seen reciting verses from the Shahnama and the two appeared in harmony, both at the same wavelength for the very first time ever since they were brought together as husband and wife. Let’s see how Ruqaiyya Begum and Maham react seeing the two lovebirds together, will Maham conspire yet again, will Ruqaiyya manipulate Jalal in the name of friendship and drift them apart all over again? Only the following episodes will declare the fate, looks like Ekta Kapoor’s historical fiction is getting all the more interesting…

P.S: Hats off to Akbar who had been so secular in his times (although if that was a strategy to get his hold over India) despite the obligations and mindset of the Moslems during those periods. Even today, when we are surrounded with all the modern things, from thoughts to clothes and technology, this kind of secularism and maturity is not much seen among the people. Perhaps that is why he was one of the greatest and could maintain his hold over such a diverse state when people of the same community too were fighting amongst each other.

By Deepti Verma

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