Atifa is giving Jodha Akbar fans a head ache. However, the writers in the hurry of introducing her has made some major blunders. Read here to know them all!

We love Akbar, don’t we? After all, from past one year we have been shown how nice, dedicated and committed Akbar is towards Jodha, first his love and later his wife. Besides, during this one year we were shown lot of fictional side of Akbar that is his love towards Jodha and only Jodha. Not once, we were shown that Akbar goes out with his concubine or his some “x” wife other than Ruqaiya or Jodha. This gave us a “feel good factor” when it comes to Akbar’s character and behavior, not just towards Jodha but his friend Ruqaiya, and also women in general.

akbar jodha painting Jodha Akbar: 5 Major Blunders Made By Writers in Atifa Track!

However, introduction of an uncertain enigma in the name of Atifa spoiled everything. Here are the major blunders made by the Writers of Jodha Akbar:

Blunder 1 – Atifa Having A Bath In the Royal Hamam – How Come?

Who could have access to the royal tub, Any guesses? Well, any random person would answer that the royal bathroom would only be restricted to the Shenshah or his major wives. I don’t think by any chance any other person could enter the zone, let alone, Shehenshah’s other wives or concubines. Then how on earth, a strange woman gets into the royal tub and is even enjoying the pleasures of it?

jodha akbar bath tub atifa Jodha Akbar: 5 Major Blunders Made By Writers in Atifa Track!

Blunder 2 – How Did Atifa and the Kabul Troop Got In the Royal Palace Before the Shehehshah’s Approval?

Atifa was bathing in the royal hamam a day before Atgah Sahab brought their matter in front of Shehshah in the Diwan-E-Aaam. Don’t you feel it is absurd – I mean as a refugee they would have kept in a strict zone. In that case, how could this Atifa move freely and even enter the restricted premises? Do, these writers think the viewers are brainless? or perhaps they are taking advantage of our unconditional love towards Jodha Akbar?

atifa jodha akbar kabul singer Jodha Akbar: 5 Major Blunders Made By Writers in Atifa Track!

Blunder 3 – Attraction of Akbar towards Atifa

From the longest period of time here on Indiaopines, I have been mentioning that Akbar wasn’t so much of a lover boy as the show portrays. Many of us believed that as long as the show claims it to be fictional and entertains us, it is fair enough to show his dedication and commitment towards Jodha. And so, when all of a sudden, the writers are trying to show the real face of Akbar, or for that matter the Kings and Shehenshahs, it is quite obvious the content  becomes highly indigestible. No wonder, many of the hardcore Jodha Akbar fans are already pissed due to the sudden change in Akbar’s behavior.

jodha akbar atifa Jodha Akbar: 5 Major Blunders Made By Writers in Atifa Track!

Blunder 4 – Akbar’s Negligence Towards the Pregnant Jodha

Till the time Akbar saw Atifa in the bath tub, he was not only in love with Jodha but was also concerned about her health and everything related to her. But, the moment he came face to face with Atifa, he is neither worried about Jodha nor the twins in her womb. This is of course a blunder by the CVs. The reason? Well, because the nature of the person cannot change in a moment – It takes time, don’t you think so?

jodha akbar writers Jodha Akbar: 5 Major Blunders Made By Writers in Atifa Track!

Blunder 5 – The Shock Effect Akbar is giving to Jodha Akbar Loyal Fans

Painting Atifa, Touching her hand in public, getting mesmerized with her charm is something which Akbar is busy doing these day in Jodha Akbar. However, it is not going well with the audiences especially the loyal fans. How can the writers first start with all the love of and within no time when the poor Jodha is pregnant, gives us a shock in the form of Atifa. Well, for a moment I think Benazir was better. At least, she didn’t made our TV Akbar characterless!

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