Jodha Bai is pregnant in the serial Jodha Akbar – Now, the question arises whether it is Prince Salim or the twins, Hassan & Hussein? Read here to know what it should be according to the historical chronicles

Jodha Bai is pregnant in Jodha Akbar serial. However, when we all are suspecting it to be Prince Salim going by the fictional essence of the serial, a certain hammer strikes on my head reminding me the different books which I read on Akbar that – Prince Salim was not the first son to be born to Akbar – It was the twin sons – Hassan and Hussein!

Zee tv jodha bai pregnancy jodha akbar Jodha Bais Pregnancy: Is It Prince Salim Or Hasan Hussein, The Twins?

Akbar’s First Born Twin Sons – Hassan & Hussein

Hassan and Hussein according to Ain-I-Akbari were born on 3rd Rabí’ I, 972 i.e. in the year 1564. Unfortunately, they couldn’t survive more than a month. Now, who was the mother of Hassan and Hussein? While, most of the people assume it was Ruqaiya, it is highly doubted because most of the written document mentions her as childless, except the fact that she mothered Jahangir’s son and 3rd Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

Ruqaiya Sultan Begum Jodha Begum Jodha Bais Pregnancy: Is It Prince Salim Or Hasan Hussein, The Twins?

Does, that mean the twins were Jodha Bai’s sons because Jodha by that time was already married to Akbar for 2 years now?

Even, in the show, Jodha and Akbar have completed their first anniversary. Does, that mean it is the twin brothers – Hassan & Hussein in her womb and not Prince Salim?

jodha bai pregnancy salim Jodha Bais Pregnancy: Is It Prince Salim Or Hasan Hussein, The Twins?

Well, if the show exhibits Hussein and Hassan then it makes sense, otherwise if it is Salim, then the show once again is ready to make, one big chronological blunder – I’ll tell you how:

Prince Salim (Later Jahangir) was Born in 1569, Roughly 7 years of Jodha and Akbar’s Marriage.

Salim did not happen to Jodha Bai as quick as it is shown. For long, Akbar had to wait to get his heir. He in the process even went to Salim Chisti, the famous Sufi saint to seek his blessings, who was known for his wonders.

Undoubtedly, Sheikh Salim Chisti’s blessings did give Akbar, his third son, and his first living son Prince Salim (Later Emperor Jahangir) in the year 1569. Akbar as a gratitude made the entire Fatehpur Sikri in the honour of Salim Chisti Sahab.

akbar salim chisti Jodha Bais Pregnancy: Is It Prince Salim Or Hasan Hussein, The Twins?

Jahangir was Mariam Uz Zamai aka Jodha Bai’s son. However since he was born 7 years later with lot of prayers, and manats, I assume the serial would not jump the guns by showing Jodha giving birth to Salim after they just celebrated their anniversary.

In addition, when Salim was conceived or born, neither Maham Anga was alive nor his son Adham Khan or even Atgah Khan, saying as a matter of fact. So, it is better that the serial shows Jodha delivering the twins – Hussain and Hassan rather than Salim, because then it will only disturb the fictional essence of the serial as people might wonder – What’s going on???

Also, Shahzadi Khanum, Daughter of Akbar from Salima Begum was Born 3 months after Shahzada Salim was Born

Precisely 3 months later in the persian year 977 was born Shahzadi Khanum, the daughter of Salima Begum and Mughal Emperor Akbar. Now, at the moment, in the serial, Salima conceiving a child from Akbar is almost like a distant dream. The reason? the show exhibits so much respect in the mind of Akbar for Salima Begum that something like this in the near future seems almost impossible, until the writers bring some twists. (Other sources say Salima Begum was mother of Murad)

However, if Jodha Begum is shown pregnant carrying Prince Salim, Salima Begum too has to be pregnant. But, since she is not, and neither has a probability of becoming pregnant soon. I assume the sensible outcome that is – Jodha Bai pregnant and carrying Akbar’s twins – Hassan & Hussein, and not Prince Salim.

In case, if the Jodha Akbar serial produces Salim, this soon, then, you know it is total jhol and khichdi – where even the writers who carried the show so well till now, all of a sudden seem to be lost and confused!

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