After Jodha Begum was accused of cheating Akbar by Akbar himself, Jodha went missing. Will they meet soon, kiss & make up just like the dream sequence?

Now that Jodha has left the Agra Palace forever and Akbar too knows the reality of Jodha being innocent, he goes on Mission Jodha Begum to get her back in Agra. But to his dismay, he cannot find her in Amer because she never came there. This is where the makers of Jodha Akbar twisted the plot and made it look different from the movie.

jodha akbar promo Jodha Begum goes Missing

Jodha Begum Finds an Ashram

Now, where has Jodha gone, nobody knows but nothing has been hidden from the audiences. She is somewhere in Mathura and has even got a place in Ashram which is looked after Todar Mal. I guess once again Akbar will meet Todar Mal through Mission Jodha Begum, and impressed by his administration will finally give him a place in his court.

The Jodha Akbar Connection

Even though Jodha is very angry on Akbar for charging her with infidelity she keeps him in his prayers and prays for him in front of her kanha asking him to keep his blessings on her husband. Meanwhile, Akbar is tired and his condition becomes pale, yet he is not ready to stop his search for Jodha, making his soldiers worried of their Shehenshah’s health. No wonder, he once again regrets his distrust for Jodha and prays to Allah in his thoughts to show him the right track to reach Jodha Begum.

After how many days or weeks Akbar spends in search of Jodha is not yet known but going by the love between the two it seems the kiss and make up scene which was a dream will soon become a reality.

By: Deepti Verma

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