Ruqaiya Begum, being a head Begum of the imperial harem always ruled the royal harem unlike shown in Jodha Akbar, where Jodha currently is making her place

It is a well known fact that Ruqaiya Begum was a senior and very high ranked figure in the royal Mughal Emperor, starting from Akbar’s tenure till she became old, after which Jahangir’s wife Nur Jahan came into picture.

During this period, none of the other Begum was given the privilege which she enjoyed. No wonder, Ruqaiya Begum was always considered more than any other Begum of Akbar as she herself was a Timurid princess and so superior by birth with respect to all the other Begums in the royal harem.

Ruqaiya Begum Jodha Jodha Akbar: Will Jodha Begum Surpass Ruqaiya Begum?

So, if she was so special and superior, why would the responsibilities come under any other Begum of Akbar, let alone a Rajput wife! Besides, weren’t Ruqaiya and Akbar childhoods, lovers and couple? Then why would Akbar neglect Ruqaiya and fall on head over heels behind the young Rajput princess who had no important place and status as that of Ruqaiya Begum.

In the serial, Jalal aka Akbar is shown falling in love with Jodha Begum so badly that he always listens to her especially with emotional topic and sensitive subjects. For instance in today’s episode (10th March 2014) in Zee TV’S Jodha Akbar we saw Jodha insisting Akbar to come along with her so that she can show how the Mughal servants are suffering from years.

Now, we all know that Akbar was a kind and noble person but does that mean he would become all that sensitive by seeing the servants suffering in the royal harem?

Excuse me if I’m wrong but can please someone tell me, “Was Akbar so sentimental that when he saw servants facing some problem, he went right ahead to change the imperial Harem laws just to accommodate them on the request of Jodha Begum?” Isn’t the episode beyond the shaan of the Shehenshah?

By: Deepti Verma

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