What will happen in Jodha Akbar now that Jodha rejected Akbar’s plea

A hide and seek game which kept Jodha Akbar away is now over, as Akbar and Jodha finally came face to face with the help of Todarmal and his ashram associates on the auspicious day of Holi. However, though Akbar is really happy to see Jodha and even wants to take her back to Agra, Jodha is reluctant to go. The reason? Well, she cannot really forgive Akbar as he accused her of infidelity and cheating.

jodha akbar1 Jodha Rejects Akbars Plea to Return Agra   What Will Happen Next?

Jodha Just Cannot Forget the Fact that Akbar Insulted Her

Even though,  Jodha now loves Akbar, her ego, ok let me call it as self – respect, is coming in her way and so she just cannot forgive Akbar. In fact, the scene where Akbar accuses her of having illicit relationship with another man keeps on rolling inside her head like an echo. And with her even we are compelled to watch it. The scene in 3 days, I guess, has been repeated more than 9 to 10 times.

jodha akbar holi Jodha Rejects Akbars Plea to Return Agra   What Will Happen Next?

Akbar’s Dilemma

Akbar is in big trouble now. He neither can leave Jodha alone nor he can go Agra without her. He  tries convincing Jodha but she is in no mood to listen and gives him a lecture on Rajyavanshi sanskaar all over again. But, there he sends message to Raja Bharmal and the Raja at once come to the ashram to take her daughter back.

Maham Anga Jodha Akbar Jodha Rejects Akbars Plea to Return Agra   What Will Happen Next?

What will happen next?

Well, I think Jodha will prefer Amer over Agra and she will rather go with her father. Akbar, disheartened will head to Agra where he will be attacked by either of the person who are planning to attack him. Jodha, on hearing this will once again will run towards Akbar and this is when the love will actual blossom in true sense.

Well, since it is just a wild guess let’s see what the show has to offer in the coming week. Stay tuned

By: Deepti Verma

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