With lot of emphasis given on Jodha’s sister Shivani and her lover, the question arises – Whether Jodha had a sister named Shivani?

In the last few episodes of Jodha Akbar, we saw how Jodha’s youngest sister Shivani is trying to elope with her lover, Tejwant, a worker whom she met in her own palace. It was her love for Tejwant that made her come to Agra so that she could easily execute her plan. However, after coming to Agra she falls prey to her own plan as Mirza Hakim, Akbar’s brother gets floored by her looks. This clicks Jodha and she initiates this unique matrimonial alliance between the two communities.

Jodha Akbar Serial Paridhi Sharma Did Jodha have a sister called Shivani?

Now, Mirza Hakim is a known person in history as Akbar’s half brother. He even plotted against the Mughal emperor at several occasions. But, on the contrary, nothing much is known about Shivani, Jodha’s sister. Going by the Wikipedia and historical information, it seems that Jodha was Raja Bharmal’s eldest daughter however other than that nothing concrete has been provided to the readers. So, the doubt arises, did Jodha really have a sister named Shivani?

If yes, where and what is the evidence? And if it is a fictional character, is it right for the makers to show the fictional character that too a Rajput girl trying to elope with a worker? In addition, isn’t Ekta Kapoor trying to play with the sentiments of people by showing the audiences the story based on her own assumptions by giving us crap in the form of her story instead of history? Now that, Akbar, Jodha, Maham, Adham, Man Singh, Raja Bharmal are all real characters doesn’t that make Shivani a real charcter too?

So, the ambiguity – Did Jodha have a real sister called Shivani?

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