Jodha Bai’s sister Shivani was introduced in Jodha Akbar. However, the question remains – Did really Jodha had a sister name Shivani? Let’s find out here..

Hardly a month ago, Jodha Bai’s second sister ‘Shivani’ came into limelight in Ekta Kapoor’s historical magnum opus Jodha Akbar. While, we do not actually mind ancillary characters forced on us one by one by the creative heads, things really become irritating when these characters are unnecessarily brought into the glare of the public eyes just to drag the serial or prolong a long due suspense.

Now, while the screen stint of Jodha’s second sister Sukanya did not bother us since it had a link that connected the plot, the unnecessary time dedicated to “Shivani and her lover” along with their redundant love story in flash backs was totally uncalled for. The reason for showing her and forcing her story in between the interesting episodes clearly shows how the makers wanted to extend the Benazir drama for gaining TVT’s. No wonder, we heard Meghna Naidu who was playing the role of Benazir broke down on her last day as she was about to bid adieu the sets of Jodha Akbar.

mirza hakim The Broken Link of Jodha Akbar: Jodha Bai’s Sister ShivaniShivani, who has now been on the run after she eloped with her boyfriend or should I say premi is a closed chapter in Jodha Akbar, something which is Ekta Kapoor’s favorite habit – Introducing the character with a plot but leaving it in a midway. Had it been her daily saas –bahu saga, I wouldn’t have mind but Shivani according to the serial is the legendary Jodha Bai’s sister. So, how can Balaji Telefilms close her half story without stating what happened next?

If you are now wondering what really had happened to Shivani in the 16th century, whether or not she was caught and killed by the Mughal soldiers, then take a deep breath. Nothing happened to “Shivani” as she is not a real character but a fictional one, sigh! While, it is known that Raja Bharmal’s eldest daughter was Jodha nothing much is mentioned about his other daughters, let alone their identity and name.

However, Mirza Hakim who is shown eyeing Shivani in the serial is a real character and not fiction. Mirza Hakim was indeed Akbar’s brother but he wasn’t that goody goody brother as shown by Balaji Telefilms. In fact, he was the one who had openly rebelled against Akbar because he thought Akbar is becoming more of Hindu than Muslim. Given his stern belief over his religion, can you even imagine him tolerating a Hindu sister in law, let alone wishing to marry a Hindu Rajput girl? Hats off to the creative heads of Balaji Telefilms they are similar to the aunties in my society. Give them two names of opposite gender and then witness how innovative and creative stories they make.

Besides, you certainly have to praise the writers for their bravery of thinking out of the box. Yes, out of the box, don’t you think that the idea of a Rajput princess eloping with a worker from Mughal Palace right when she is about to marry the shehenshah’s brother is something very creative, innovative and exceptional? How, about bestowing a Golden Kela Award to the creative heads for the entire creative plot of Shivani, the sister of Jodha Bai?

Meanwhile in the daily serial, Shivani is still on the run. Don’t worry she will be back but only when the creative heads of Balaji Telefilms will be short of themes or when they would want to extend yet another suspense by forcefully making us watch the unnecessary story of Shivani.

By: Deepti Verma

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