One of the best episodes of Jodha Akbar serial, Jodha Begum slaps Ruqaiya Begum, not once but twice. Check out, how, when & why. Also, check the pictures

From the day Jodha and Ruqaiya Begum came face to face in the Jodha Akbar serial, the viewers wanted Jodha to teach Ruqaiya lessons so that she would remember forever. However, Jodha did nothing and Ruqaiya continuously stooped down to her lowest levels. From conspiring against Jodha to filling Salim’s ear, she did everything to disrupt Jodha’s life. While the TV audience desperately wanted Jodha to give her back, all she did was forgive Ruqaiya at all instances.

jodha akbar Jodha Akbar: When Jodha Slapped Ruqaiya Begum

But, surprisingly, the scriptwriter decided to bring a huge smile on Jodha Akbar’s fans face, and that is when they decided to turn their viewer’s wish into a reality.

Jodha Insults Ruqaiya Begum

We all know the evil witch Laboni has turned into an aatma and she enters Jodha’s body during the night. So, when Laboni enters Jodha’s body, the kind, thoughtful, compassionate and benevolent Jodha turns into a mean, inconsiderate and cruel woman, so much that even her dressing and hairstyle changes.

jodha laboni Jodha Akbar: When Jodha Slapped Ruqaiya Begum

While, the real Jodha cannot even think of harming anybody, the Jodha with the Laboni soul becomes the cruelest person in the palace. She not only troubles people, but also hurts them badly. What’s more, she even has the guts and courage to insult Ruqaiya Begum. Not once but thrice she insults Ruqaiya begum.

Surprisingly, she also orders Hoshyar Khan to make Hoookah for her

JODHA AKBAR JODHA TURNS EVIL Jodha Akbar: When Jodha Slapped Ruqaiya Begum

And Then She Slaps Ruqaiya…

It is Ruqaiya’s birthday and she is all excited to spend her night with Akbar. Even Akbar wants to spend some quality time with her. The real Jodha too wants Akbar to shower Ruqaiya with his love and care. But, twist in the tale is that, Laboni who is hiding under the skin of Jodha cannot bear the fact that Jalal will spend one night with Ruqaiya. The witch is too jealous to imagine Ruqaiya Begum with Jalal as night is the only time she can be with Jalal. She, therefore plans a trick.

It is night time and Jalal is in the company of Ruqaiya. Just when the two get engross, there is a knock on the door. Ruqaiya is miffed, still she comes to open the door. To her surprise, it is Jodha (actually it is Jodha’s body but Laboni’s soul). Ruqaiya curses her and Jodha pretends that she is not well in front of Akbar.

jodha akbar ruqaiya Jodha Akbar: When Jodha Slapped Ruqaiya Begum

Akbar who is not at all aware of the drama gets concerned about Jodha’s health. Then, Jodha urges him to spend the night with her as she is feeling weak and is not at all well. He obliges with her demand. Ruqaiya moves out of the room angrily.

Next, in the midnight Jodha meets Ruqaiya on the terrace and teases her. She not only talks ill about Ruqaiya but even makes fun of her age and beauty. However, when it is beyond her control Ruqaiya slaps Jodha. While, the real Jodha would never give it back, this Jodha with the Laboni’s body gives her not one but two slaps. Ruqaiya is too shocked to even say anything.

jodha akbar tv serial Jodha Akbar: When Jodha Slapped Ruqaiya Begum

While, it was strange to see a well-behaved Jodha in such an avatar, it was funny to see Ruqaiya’s reaction. The oh so powerful Ruqaiya could do nothing in front of the false Jodha. Finally, we could see Jodha giving Ruqaiya a dose of her own medicine. However, we still wish if it was the real Jodha and not Jodha with Laboni’s soul.

What is your opinion about the most entertaining episode of Jodha Akbar serial? Did you enjoy watching this scene?

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