An opinionated piece on the ‘Stranger in my own country’ comment made by the former Top Cop Julio Ribeiro.

Witnessing the presence of great personalities is a rare chance and I didn’t  want to let such a opportunity to slip and thus i attended the book launch ceremony, mainly because it was Julio Ribeiro that was launching the book. Contrary to the image I had created since my childhood, he looked soft and his talk not only enlightens, but entertains. With a coat of humour, he even corrected few technical glitches in the book. He was one of the heroes that independent India has seen.


Julio Ribeiro Police Julio Ribeiro: Strangers in their own Country

He still is remembered as the man, who contained Punjab situation- A super cop. It is strange to hear such a man feeling stranger in his own country. With all due respect Sir, may I ask you who is not a stranger in this country? This is a mini world, conquered and reconquered by rulers from all places, races and religions.Have you ever realized how the families of your police raided during insurgency in Punjab felt? For that matter, any family lived in naxal infested areas when our notorious police visit them for search operations.

In this country, if we start from the top, Pandits from Kashmir were kicked out of their homes and they lead a refugee’s life even in their own country. Many Sikhs were killed under the supervision of the person, who appointed you as in-charge of Punjab police. Many Hindus and Muslims die in numerous riots that dot Indian calendar like festivals. People from south and north were abused in Mumbai repeatedly. People from north-east were discriminated in almost all metros. And people in north-east kill people from north and east in their lands. In southern states, our water wars are as notorious as world wars and situation at border between Karnataka and Tamilnadu resembles the LOC.



julio ribeiro Julio Ribeiro: Strangers in their own Country

You, during the book launch stated that even Christian community practices casteism in Goa, which probably may not be as wide spread as it is in Hinduism. Muslims, whenever they do not fight Hindus, fight amongst themselves.Come on! We were like this. We are like this. And probably we will remain like this. Strangely, we are not bad than any other country. Perhaps, we are better than many developed countries that remain hypocrite, by preaching equal rights while practising the converse.

Had it been any other country, a person from minority community would not have been given charge of police. All Indian origin people in west had to convert before occupying any public office, in ninety percent cases. Without comparing to the rest of the world, have you ever analysed why Indian society remained like this even after nearly seven decades of Independence?


buta singh julio ribeiro Julio Ribeiro: Strangers in their own Country

Julio Ribeiro with Buta Singh

People like you, who held prime positions could never tell those running the Government to act impartially! Yes, it was your fault. Have you ever asked Rajiv Gandhi, how and why the Punjab became terrorist state? All you did was eliminating unwanted persons. May be by the time you took charge situation worsened. But, HAVE YOU EVER ASKED RAJIV GANDHI, WHO HAD CONVERTED PUNJAB INTO A TERRORIST STATE ?

Had you and many others like you asked this question, you would not have felt stranger in your own country. As you people have not asked, not only you, but each and every citizen of this country is now a stranger. If anyone in power disagrees, let that person give up his security.As the philosophy of this land goes, “what one gives, he gets it back”. Still, you need not feel threatened. Whenever you feel threatened, just call me. I’ll be there for you, like so many others.

By  rkp

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