Samrat Bindusar’s brother Justin (Sumit Kaul) is a negative character, yet we sympathize with him. Know the reasons here…

While, it is widely known that Chandragupta Maurya had only one son and that was Bindusar, it didn’t provide much meat to make a tele series especially when the Central character would be Ashoka, the Great. And so the writer and the makers of the ongoing serial Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat gave rise to their own fictional character known as Justin (Sumit Kaul), the child of Chandragupta Maurya from his wife Helen.

sumit kaul justin ashoka colors Reasons Why We Sympathize with Justin   Brother of Samrat Bindusar

Although evil and malicious, we have sympathy towards this character. The reasons are not one but many. Here they are:

Justin is a Mere Puppet of his Mother Helena

Helen in the serial is a wicked lady. She desperately wants to kill Bindusar and wants her son to be on the throne. Her desperation to see her son Justin on the throne is not love, but her own ambition. It is because of this ambition, she keeps on hatching evil plans, and even forces Justin to do as she wants. No, she neither listens to Justin, nor tries to understand him. This is the basic cause of Justin’s frustration.

rajkumar justina rajamata helena ashoka serial Reasons Why We Sympathize with Justin   Brother of Samrat Bindusar

Like a dictator, she keeps on ordering things on Justin, and if Justin revolts, she starts her emotional drama. Still, though Justin knows his mother is manipulative and ambitious, he loves her unconditionally. However, the same cannot be said with respect to Helena.

Justin Loves Rani Noor, But She is the Wife of Samrat Bindusar

In the opening episode, we saw a girl contesting on a horse alongside Justin and Samrat Bindusar. While, the girl tried to woo the Samrat, she mesmerized Justin completely. This girl was none other than Noor Khorasan whom Bindusar married for political alliance. Though Noor loved Samrat Bindusar, Samrat could never give her that position since he was deeply in love with Devi Dharma (Ashoka’s mother whom he met and married in a forest post a deadly attack on him).

justin rani noor romance ashoka Reasons Why We Sympathize with Justin   Brother of Samrat Bindusar


This separation and lack of interest could not be tolerated by Rani Noor and it seems she fell in love with Justin who gave her all that she desired from her man. The end result – They both love each other, but it is just that illicit relationship behind the doors which can never succeed. In addition, the fear to get caught always remains. Sadly, Justin can never get the love of his life, who is unfortunately his own brother’s wife.

Also, it is still questionable – whether Rani Noor loves Justin the way he does or is just using him to make her son the next Samrat of Magadh.

Justin Cannot Reveal to his Own Son that He is His Real Father

Apparently, though it is widely known that Siamak is Samrat BIndusar’s son, if you notice Noor and Justin’s actions and words, it appears like Siamak is Justin’s son. Here again, one can only pity Justin because though Siamak is his own son, he addresses Bindusar as his father. Poor Justin, has to live with this pain, and all we can do is sympathize with him when we see how Rani Noor like Rajmata Helena forces her ambition on Rajkumar Siamak.

siamak noor khorasan ashoka serial colors tv Reasons Why We Sympathize with Justin   Brother of Samrat Bindusar

Though He Is a Rajkumar, He is Still Forced for a Marriage

Rajkumar Justin never married all these years because he loves Rani Noor. However, Rajmata Helena for her political ambitions has now fixed his marriage with the niece of Ujjain’s raja RajajiRaj. This potential bride of Justin – Agnishika is none other than Shaktiraj’s daughter whom Samrat Bindusar had killed in a battle. Sadly, in spite of not wanting to marry, the poor Justin has to marry now. Moreover, you never know if like Rani Noor and Rajmata Helena, Agnisakshi too throw her frustration on Rajkumar Justin..

sumit kaul justin bindusar brother ashoka colors Reasons Why We Sympathize with Justin   Brother of Samrat Bindusar

Such ill-fated character Justin is that despite being a negative character, all he attracts is sympathy towards him!

By: Deepti Verma 

Image Courtesy: @sumitkaul10

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