Isn’t it a bit shocking to see Kaling king in the Mauryan court that too when they are discussing internal matters and conflicts?

In Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat a lot has been happening these days. To our surprise, things have changed now. It is once again happy times for Ashoka who has proved himself right and has exposed none other than Rajmata Helena though we didn’t expected it to happen it so soon.

Thanks to Siamak’s blunder that Rajmata Helena confessed everything in front of everybody. And now that Rajmata Helena is jailed, things will further turn in Ashoka’s favor. However, something that is making us wonder in the entire serial currently is the presence of the Kaling King and Princess in the court of Samrat Bindusar.

ashoka tv serial Why is the Kaling King Present in the Mauryan Court during the Discussion of Their Internal Matters?

The Presence of Kaling King in the Magadh Court Is Illogical

Kaling King is just a guest in Pataliaputra. Still, we see him in the court every time there is a discussion in the court. Whether, it is internal matter or discussion over an issue, we find the King in the court. Now, logically, no king would ever allow another King (especially the king of an enemy state) to sit in his court if the matter is not related to him or if he has been called/invited to discuss over something. However, here we see the Kaling king in the court almost in every occasion. No, he isn’t a relative too unlike the Unani and Khorasni.

ashoka serial king Why is the Kaling King Present in the Mauryan Court during the Discussion of Their Internal Matters?

He Is Present Even When The Discussion is On Key Internal Matters

The Kaling king was present in the court on almost all occasion. Then whether it was punishing Ashoka for Dhrupad’s murder or when the Court was awaiting for Ashok to prove his innocence. He is there in the court each time. Wonder, why would any King allow other king to sit in his court and discuss internal matters especially when he is a King from a neighboring nation and share a certain animosity with each other.

ashoka serial colors tv Why is the Kaling King Present in the Mauryan Court during the Discussion of Their Internal Matters?

Logically, I assume such things and meetings wouldn’t have been conducted in the presence of an outsider and here we see they are the spectators of almost everything that is going inside Magadh including the internal animosity between each other.

Frankly speaking, no king would ever allow any other king to know his weakness and then here we have Samrat Bindusar, the son of Mauryan Founder, Mahan Samrat Chandragupta Maurya, how would he be so fool to allow the Kaling King in his court while he discussed important things about this kingdom including conflicts?

Such small yet important things should be taken care off by writers. No wonder, these blunders are a huge turn off for the hardcore fans who watch not only to get entertained but learn something from each Historical fiction.

We wonder, how long the Kaling King will be present in Magadh. Isn’t he bothered about his wife and praja? After all, he was jailed for a brief period in Takshashila and post that he went never back to Kaling. Writers, don’t you think he must be craving back to go to his native land, meet his wife and his praja?

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