Kama Sutra did wonders in the ancient world, can it save the modern relationships? Know how Vatsayana’s book of love and relation can help the newage couples.

A lot of people rely on modern sources like porn, sex clinics, and other unauthethentic supplies yet they complain of the lost desire, passion in their life. On the other hand, it has been observed modern couple who followed the techniques of ancient Kama Sutra could jazz up their chemistry. Let’s find out how this ancient science can help in curing the issues of modern couples as well our modern Indian society…

One of the most ordinary perception of the Kama Sutra is that it is only about sex and sexual positions. However, any honest reading of the ancient book depicts that it is much more than that. So, can the ancient theory help the modern couples in the new age contemporary world more so than any ‘clinic’ ?

Kama Sutra Khajuraho Sculpture Kama Sutra : Can Ancient Science Work Wonders in Modern Scenario?

Well, why not

Kamasutra written by Sage Vatsyayana in the third century is a manuscript on relationship and bonds. It is actually a thesis on lifestyle and social relations between human beings that can perhaps bring momentum in modern couple’s life, enhancing their relationship, making them understand each other and bringing them together both physically and psychologically.

In modern times, when the conflicts are high, misunderstandings are common, and fighting is the daily ingredient of life, the ancient science of Kama Sutra can help man in understanding the woman of his life, and the woman to know her duty and rights towards him.

Besides, it will help a man and a woman to come close  after a hard tired day. Where one fight over petty things and often find excuses to jump on other, Kama Sutra will help a couple to soothe , calm and let a relationship go on smoothly. What’s more, it will bestow with all the magical things that work, both on and off the bed. It will redefine our role as a couple and let us realize what is missing and what we should actually do to make it happen.

Physical intimacy along with bonding will become greater as well, as you slowly adapt the ancient methods in its most contemporary style. The love which you will make will be more sensual than sexual and the satisfaction would be no doubt way better.

It not only works just for couples but its concept work for the modern society too where sexual assaults and harassments are high. It has the potential of giving the young boys and men a know how on what’s authentic and what’s bad. Very beneficial even in modern times, it can enlighten the young louts, both their minds and souls with respect to their opposite sex. The conduct mentioned in the manuscript is significant which is a great help tool against the abstracted men. A masterwork, the learnings can help sidetracked men from committing any sort of heinous crimes against women such as rape and abduction. On the other hand, it will teach modern women were to draw a line.

It will also teach men and women how to interact and maintain a distance while interacting in colleges, office and other places. While, the old theory can be applied in strengthening a relationship, it can also help young girls avoid any kind of issues like pregnancy before marriage or men against cheating their partners which has become a pretty common thing these days.

While there has been a drastic change from the prehistoric age to the contemporary modern times, still the ancient Hindu theory can cure all the major issues of relationship and society. Want to witness it? Well, why not then start from yourself and your spouse!

By: Deepti Verma

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