Know unknown details & information about Tanu Weds Manu Returns’ leading star Kangana Ranaut. Check out how she has always been very experimental throughout her life

Kangana Ranaut, the box office queen knows how to scale up any Bollywood movie with her acting and performance. Every time she tries to be different, she emerges out as a true winner. No matter whatever role she gets in any given film, she aces it completely. Nevertheless, she is quite experimental and even if it goes wrong she never regrets her decision. Here take a look,

kangana ranaut fashion jury Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Kangana Ranaut

She Once Fainted While Piercing Her Navel

Back in the college days when Kangana stayed in her hostel, they were allowed one outing during the weekend. In one such outing, Kangana and her friends (six in all) decided to get their eyebrows and navels pierced. Kangana preferred navel because she thought she could easily hide it from her family. However, the jeweler whom they approached for piercing navel and eyebrow got petrified because he had never pierced at these two sensitive places. However, somehow the girls forced him to pierce Kangana’s navel and Kangana fainted on the spot.

Actress Kangana Ranaut Hair Style Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Kangana Ranaut

At 16, She Moved from Chandigarh to Delhi on Her Own and Joined the Elite Modeling Agency, despite Knowing the Fact that Her Family Wants to See Her as a Doctor

When young she wanted to be a doctor just because her parents wanted her to be in that profession. However, after her 10th, she moved from her native place in Himachal Pradesh and joined a Chandigarh college. Here, she stayed in a hostel. Hostel Life changed many things drastically and then the once very brilliant Kangana Ranaut failed in her 12th Std’s Unit Test. The subject in which she flunked was Chemistry. This failure made her rethink about her future plans.

kangana ranaut and lisa haydon in queen Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Kangana Ranaut

Next, although she had filled the form of All India Pre Medical Test, she never gave the exam. Instead, she travelled all the way from Chandigarh to Delhi on her own in search of her new pursuit. She then joined Elite Modeling Agency. This did not go well with her parents, and they refused to sponsor her chosen path.

But Then, Even Modeling Didn’t Interest Her, and She Decided to Shift Her Career from Modeling to Acting

After doing few modeling assignments for Elite Modeling Agency, Kangana started disliking her career as a model, mainly because the profession gave no scope for originality and creativity. At this period of time, Kangana again decided to switch her path. This is the time when she joined the Asmita Theatre group in order to learn acting. She was trained under the prominent theatre director Arvind Gor. Here, she got did several plays.

kangana ranaut fashion bollywood Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Kangana Ranaut

During one such theatre performance, when one of her co-actor (male) went missing, Ranaut not only did her part as a woman, but also acted on behalf of her male co-actor. This performance changed Kangana’s life forever as it pursued her to try her luck in Bollywood. Next, she left Delhi only to make it big in Bombay – The Mayanagri.

At the Peak of Her Acting Career, Kangana Decided to Pack Her Bags to Study Script Writing at New York Film Academy

In January 2014, when Kangana was doing pretty well in her career, she decided to enroll herself in a two month course of script writing at the New York Film Academy. While, most of the people thought she is being foolish, she was more than happy to take a break from her busy life to lead an anonymous life even if it was only for two months. Nevertheless, Kangana enjoyed her stay at the New York  where she could walk down a street, do her own laundry, prepare her own meals and even stand in the long queue to get a bus.

kangana ranaut facts bollywood Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Kangana Ranaut

Quite experimental and full of chaos, Kangana Ranuat’s life has always been a roller coaster ride. But, she has no regrets because she has always lived by her own rules.

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