Kangana Ranaut is being ostracized in Bollywood?

Kangana Ranaut is not just the heroine but also the Hero of her films. Her two recent releases – “Queen” and “Tanu Weds Manu Returns” proved that she is simply a pro when it comes to acting and movies. This has certainly raised her confidence and also her standards in Bollywood.

This is the reason why everybody is singing praises about the actress. No wonder, last year Deepika Padukone too dedicated her award to Kangana who felt it was “Kangana” who deserved the award for her performance in Queen. Despite her talent, recognition and, acting skills, the top Bollywood actors do not wish to star opposite this super talented actress. Here’s why –

india 2014 2015 kangana Reasons Why Bollywood Top Actors Doesn’t Want to Star With Kangana Ranaut!

Hrithik Roshan Has Clearly Told Directors & Producers That He Won’t Work With Kangana Again!

Recently, the head strong Kangana Ranaut made a scathing remark on the Krrish actor after there were news that Hrithik Roshan asked the director to drop Kangana from Aashiqui 3. Post her remark, things became ugly between them and both of them came out in public with some nasty remarks about each other.

hrithik kangana love story Reasons Why Bollywood Top Actors Doesn’t Want to Star With Kangana Ranaut!

Post this episode, Hrithik Roshan has made it very clear to the directors and producers that in future, he will never work with Kangana again. Though Kangana was seriously considered for his upcoming film, she is now eliminated from the race altogether.

Kangana Ranaut Had a Major Fall Out With Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt too

In 2011, Kangana Ranaut had a major tiff with Sanjay Dutt after the two were seen together in David Dhawan’s film “Rascals”. Interestingly, Kangana was taken in the film only because Ajay had insisted the team because of his alleged relationship with her.

KANNGANA RANAUT AJAY DEVGN SANJAY DUTT Reasons Why Bollywood Top Actors Doesn’t Want to Star With Kangana Ranaut!


Soon she had a major fallout with Ajay and her tiff with Sanjay spoiled her relationship with these two industry biggies.

Kangana Ranaut is Being Ostracized

Says a source,

“It is an elementary calculation. You badmouth atop hero, you get ostracized not just by the hero, but by all his friends. Kangana had earlier taken on Ajay Devgn during the shooting of David Dhawan’s Rascals and hasn’t worked with them since. But this could be as much her choice as theirs.” He added.

Even The 3 Khans Doesn’t Want to Star Opposite Kangana Ranaut in a Film          

Many a times, Kangana has said in her interviews that she has made to the top without the 3 Khans. She also mentioned how as an actress, she, doesn’t need them at all. This is the reason why the Khans are not willing to work with her. Yes, all because of her statements.

KANGANA SHAH RUKH KHAN Reasons Why Bollywood Top Actors Doesn’t Want to Star With Kangana Ranaut!

Besides, Kangana is Picking Female Oriented Films

A film starring the three Khans have little role for the heroines unless and until it is a complete love story. So, Kangana will herself not star in it. Besides, now-a-days she is only picking films that are female oriented. No wonder, she is happy to essay the role of a hero in all her films.

Actress Kangana Ranaut Hair Style Reasons Why Bollywood Top Actors Doesn’t Want to Star With Kangana Ranaut!

However, two of her films in spite of being female oriented did bomb at the box office, making it obvious that every “Queen” does need a “King” – Will Kangana learn it hardway or will she prove all the men out their wrong yet again!

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