Kangana Ranaut’s career graph ascended up steeply,leaving us amazed with the newness in every film she tries for.

Having set the screen afire with her acting in award wining films like Gangster, Queen, Fashion and the much acclaimed Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Kangana  Ranaut is all ready to create yet another milestone.

The young actress revealed that she was in talks with Shekhar Kapoor to play an 85 year old in one of his ventures and was quite open to the challenge.

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Kangana, who has never bothered about her contemporaries of her own age because she has her own style, if it can be called so, is confident that she can carry it off with style.

 This Dynamo of talent who started her career with roles of the moll in many films appeared to be getting stereo typed in the beginning. But she herself realised this trap and came out of it with fIlms like Tanu weds Manu where she left her mark as a vivacious heroine who could do any role with equal ease.

She repeated her success with Queen which also got her the National Film Award and Filmfare Award for Best actress. In fact she had bagged her Filmfare Award for the best debut in Gangster in 2007 showing that talent was not always a matter of  pedigree even in Bollywood.

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Kangana has not only survived but lived her life according to her own terms so far and if her latest venture is an indication she hopes to continue in her own bindaas style.Besides acting she is also becoming some sort of iconic star speaking up for women’s rights. Her views on equal pay for male and female actors on Bollywood are already quite well known.

And,despite winning so many awards she does not believe in attending award ceremonies putting her in the league of  the Aamir Khan.

 And now that she has agreed to work as an 85 year old in Shekhar Kapoor’s next, Kangana  seems to have discovered the formula for longevity in Bollywood where the shelf life of female actors seems to be very limited.

M Id 450906 Kangana Ranaut Kangana  Ranaut’s Formula For Longevity

In the interview she has expressed the desire to act the roles of mothers, saying, “I am looking forward to play older roles. I don’t understand why people look down upon older roles. I saw a film ‘Amour’ about old people… That film changed my view about them,” Kangana said.

“Also I would be okay to play mother roles. They are the purest, and beautiful to play on screen,” she said.

By Amitabh Srivastava


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