Celebrations by student wing at JNU & the “Paid” media is a conspiracy against Modi government in making Kanhaiya Kumar another Kejriwal & Hardik Patel.

Kanhaiya Kumar is not a Hero, who got out of jail like Nelson Mandela, who fought for Freedom. The celebrations by student wing at JNU and section of the “Paid” media is part of the anti India political conspiracy against Modi government in making Kanhaiya Kumar another Kejriwal and Hardik Patel. 
Kanhaiya Kumar jnu Kanhaiya Kumar...Another Kejriwal And Hardik Patel??
He is an accused and an alleged criminal of committing and act of Sedition. His conditional release by HC with strongest judicial observations on his alleged anti national activities can not be in any ways justified and calls for celebrations at JNU campus by the students group, section of the “Paid” media, and by some irresponsible corrupt failed political leaders.
Kanhaiya was released by the High court on conditional bail and was told by the court in no less terms that “You have committed a serious offence by standing with all those who shouted anti India slogans. and being the President of the JNU Student Union, you have taken part against anti India campaign with full knowledge, when India, Indian judiciary and constitution was being abused and a convicted terrorist like Afzal Guru was made a hero, a martyr, demanding Kashmir ki Azaadi, by your fellow students in your personal presence when you were a part of the gathering of students at JNU..It was indeed shocking to watch this accused in the sedition case received like a hero by JNU students? Kanhaiya Kumar addresses students on the JNU campus soon after his release from the Tihar Jail on Thursday night.



Some HIGHLIGHTS from his speech:

“We want freedom not from India but from those who loot India.”

And look at the irony? He is seen standing with Rahul Gandhi whose family looted this country?? Is he honest in his demand? He is getting political support from the most dishonest political fraud Arvind Kejriwal and also the Leftists, Maoists like Sitaram Yechuri, A Raja whose past governance of 34 years in West Bengal is questionable? How honest this so called Student Activist Kanhaiya Kumar is who is aspiring to become a political leader? Is he not sounding like Kejriwal and Hardik Patel?

“We will pursue this fight that was begun by Rohith Vemula and all of you and we will see it till it’s end!”

What fight is he talking about ? Rohith Vemula committed suicide which is under police investigation and the law, judiciary will judge, what the real truth was. Why is it made a political issue? Unless JNU students do not believe in our police and judiciary? Like Kejriwal.
rohit vemula Kanhaiya Kumar...Another Kejriwal And Hardik Patel??
“The PM had tweeted ‘Satyameva Jayate’. I am also saying the same thing.”

What “Satya” is he speaking?? He had no courage to speak the truth in the court of law. Did he confess in the court, Omar Khalid was shouting anti India slogans standing next to him? Seen in the video he claims doctored ? Did he give names of all those students to police who are seen in the videos with Omar Khalid who were shouting slogans….such as…

“Bharat Tere Tukde honge” ??? Afazal tere katil abtaq jindaa hai,??
Banduk ke Dum par Leke Rahenge Azaadi??
Go Back India… Kashmir Ki Azaadi Taq Jang Rahegi Azadi ki???

I am saying the same to PM …. Satyamev Jayte he says,…But did he reveal the names of those students to police who were abusing India? Those students like Omar Khalid after police warrants issued for their arrest, were absconding or hiding in the JNU campus??

What Satya is he speaking ?? If he was honest, why did he get scared to give their names to police? Or why was he providing cover to them?

In fact, on Feb. 11th video, he is seen speaking with deep conviction and passion… ” I respect our Constitution and all those who were shouting anti India slogans were honestly not known to me, not part of our JNU program, and I condemn those anti India sloganeering…. however, his “LIE” is caught in the video if you see, Omar Khalid who was provoking students with anti India abuse is seen standing right behind him on 11th Feb gathering, where he is giving himself a clean chit?? His Bluff is caught in the camera. What is he speaking of ” Satyamev Jayte”??
ABVP and NSUI Kanhaiya Kumar...Another Kejriwal And Hardik Patel??
“The ABVP is not our enemy. They are our opposition.”
Who was he trying to convince about ABVP ?? His fellow students?? Or is all this a part of his politics like Kejriwal plays??

“You speak against the government and they send doctored videos.”

Doctored video?? Again where is he honest? He is speaking a Lie through his teeth. The video submitted to Delhi police is verified by the competent Lab for its authenticity, and found 100% original without any edits in audio tracks, but very smartly Kanhaiya Kumar wants to misled the nation. He says… Satyamev Jayte”? Is this his belief in Satya? It is not very difficult to get the original video recording to expose his lies.

And the fact is… this ground of Doctored video was used by his lawyers to get him the bail. Congress advocates like Kapil Sebal were helping this accused with “Ardhasatya” Half Truth.

“This is a long fight. We will fight it without bowing!”

What fight is he talking about? With the government of India? He and like him who are funded by Leftists, and foreign agencies for their anti Modi political campaigns are getting their Educational Fees paid by the same government in the center which is coming from the tax payers of this country.

Is he being ungrateful to nation who is paying for his education, hostel, food expenses? He and like him from JNU must be the biggest frauds if they are working against this very nation ?? Can they be honest from any perspective?

“The attack on JNU was planned to distract us from the UGC protest and dilute the fight for justice for Rohith Vemula.”

Come on Kanhaiya Kumar… don’t fool the country. You are using Rohith Vemula suicide as a political tool just like Congress and other opposition parties are for their political benefits. What is your politics on Rohit Vemula suicide?

You are not apolitical person, nor even an honest student of political science, but very much politically charged dishonest person like Kejriwal and Hardik Patel. With your political ambitions to become a leader in Indian politics, you are taking a wrong rout. Your dishonest character, your dishonesty, disloyalty with the nation is one big stumbling block that can come in your career just the same way Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal are trying to take the short-cuts to become leaders with their dishonesty in politics.

At your age… you do not even have the courage to face the “Truth” and Speak the “Truth” which great leaders have. People like you are phony like Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi. You will certainly get support from these fake and dishonest political leaders for your misadventure in Indian politics.
kejriwal1 Kanhaiya Kumar...Another Kejriwal And Hardik Patel??
Because… Birds of the same feathers Flock together. Your speech is called brilliant by Kejriwal because, he is another political fraud and you all would get along well as your political agendas are same.

Set India on Fire. Destabilize Indian polity. Derail Modi government and his Economic agenda.

Only those who keep their self serving goals on top of “Nation”, the National interests, Unity, integrity and Sovereignty, can sell themselves and their country to vested interests.

However, we, the people of this country will not let you do it, however hard you people try to destroy this country. You will need to break our National spirit first to even think of Breaking this great Nation called India.

By Ajay Angre
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