The only thing good about the Kapil Sharma show was Bipasha Basu and KSG’s first public appearance post wedding!

Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu post their marriage seem to be in a very blissful phase. First the couple gave an interview together and now they made their first public appearance on TV.

Yea, the monkey couple visited the sets of the Kapil Sharma show and gave us some good laugh. In fact, it was their screen presence that made the show worth watching.

The Grand Entry on the Rickshaw!

It was a filmi entry where the couple made a grand entry on a rickshaw cycle. While, Bipasha Basu was sitting in the rickshaw, Karan was pulling like a rickshaw wallah. Bips gorgeous in a delicate light green sari while KSG looked dapper in a bandhgala suit. Both of them looked very much in love. In fact, it appeared like the couple is on an extended honeymoon on the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show.

ksg bipasha kapil sharma show The Kapil Sharma Show   Bipasha Basu & KSG Save Our Day!

Bipasha Basu Is The Boss Of the House

The team grilled the couple all sorts of question about their life post marriage. However, the monkey couple maintained that nothing much has changed besides wearing rings. In addition, Karan in a light note didn’t hesitate to say that he wakes up in the morning by saying Yes boss now. Yea, it seems that the Bong bombshell is ruling their love nest.

bipasha basu and karan singh grover in a candid click during mahendi ceremony The Kapil Sharma Show   Bipasha Basu & KSG Save Our Day!

The Test on the Couple Were Not So Humorous Though

The Kapil Sharma show is less about comedy these days as we know the script writers are pretty lame. So, some not so hilarious and boring tests were conducted on KSG who according to the doctor was eating laddoos made of Iron and then they conducted an Ultra sound on him. Not at all humorous or worth our laugh!

kapil sharma bipasha ksg The Kapil Sharma Show   Bipasha Basu & KSG Save Our Day!

Next, Rochelle Rao aka Lottery and Kiku Sharda acted to be from Bip’s family. Since, KSG-Bips missed out on some wedding traditions, the team wanted to complete those on the show. So, a plumpy Kiku sat on KSG while he actually managed to do push ups and then they asked him how much would he give them for his shoes.

That’s  precisely when Saria entered the stage and asked them to stop annoying Karan jiju. Yea, it was a huge relief as the jokes simply annoyed us.

Romance Between Kappu and Saria

A romantic angle between Kappu and Saria was both good and funny. The way she blushed and the way he called her Dal Baati made things hilarious. This was something which we could call as funny.

bipasha karan kapil sharma show The Kapil Sharma Show   Bipasha Basu & KSG Save Our Day!

Then we had a run away groom called Rinku who always had a desire to shake his legs with Bipasha Basu. Bips indeed obliged and KSG joined in too. The couple was very sporty. Next, came the fit and fart dialogue which made things funnier all the more.

Karan Singh Grover Sings for Bipasha Basu

Someone in the audience requested Karan to sing a song and he sang it for Bipasha Basu. He did sing well and Bips kept on cheering him – reminding us of his song he sang in his wedding. Next, a woman in the audience wanted to test Bipasha’s stitching skills which she passed with some funny results.

bipasha basu karan singh grover The Kapil Sharma Show   Bipasha Basu & KSG Save Our Day!

The end was seriously not at all funny with find-the-ring ceremony but Bips and Karan’s post wedding party dance somehow saved the end.

Unfortunately, the main highlight of the Kapil Sharma show was not the team but Bips and KSG’s first public appearance. The show seriously needs to mend up their joke standards otherwise we don’t think they’ll get celebrities to attend their show in the future.

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