Kapil Sharma Show Review – Know all about the first episode, the USP and why it is a complete entertaining show!

Finally! Kapil Sharma show’s first episode went on air and it was as expected – simply exciting and fabulous!

The brand new ‘The Kapil Sharma Show had all the right elements – The witty lines of Kapil Sharma, comic reunification of the three funny men – Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar and Kiku Sharda and the presence of King Khan of course!

Here we share some moments from The Kapil Sharma Show that are worth sharing. No wonder, it defines the show –

kapil sharma show sony tv The Kapil Sharma Show   Know Why It is an Entertainer!

The Mighty Presence of King Khan Shah Rukh Khan

SRK can add magic to any show. Here too in the Kapil Sharma Show his presence made the show engaging and entertaining.

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His persona, demeanour and the way he tackles Kapil Sharma with his smart answers further increased the value of the show . Be it his jokes on himself or his lines on current affairs or the references on Dilwale, he was simply fantastic! His recital of his famous dialogues from Jab Tak Hai Jaan was an icing on the cake. Nevertheless, you need no one else if SRK is sharing the screen space with Kapil Sharma.

Sunil Grover as a Police woman

We all wanted to see Sunil Grover in a woman’s avatar. No wonder, he rocked the TV as Guthi. So, Sunil Grover as a policewoman towards the end of the show simply made our day.

sunil grover srk The Kapil Sharma Show   Know Why It is an Entertainer!

He was quite funny when he answered Kapil’s questions. Also, the way he talked about Delhi cop was hilarious. Later when he danced with SRK on Gerua song, he  simply made us yearn for me. Then again when he transformed from policewoman into.Gaurav of Fan he took us surprise for a moment – overshadowing King Khan for a good amount of time. Watching them dancing together was a joyous moment.

Ali Asgar (Earlier Dadi) as the Begum

Ali Asgar as Dadi was one of the USP of Comedy Nights With Kapil. No wonder, this is the reason why we were eager to see his first look in the Kapil Sharma show. Though there were apprehensions whether or not will he be seen as a woman, it was really amazing to see him as a Begum. He increased.the entertainment level threefolds.

13kapil sharma show5 The Kapil Sharma Show   Know Why It is an Entertainer!

Running and mingling with the crowd as a middle aged woman was such an epic moment. Besides, his funny lines when he sat next to Anurag Thakur were so funny that made us go ROFL literally. In addition, the Begum sharing the stage with King Khan further made the show all the more hilarious.

Kiku Sharda As a Man, the Nawab

This time Kiku was not seen as a young desperate woman but as a Nawab and that too along with Ali Asgar who acted as a Begum. Together they rocked the stage completely.  They way he slammed a cake on Ali’s head was hilarious and so was the cat and mouse game played by them in the end.

Kapil Sharma

His return was as good as expected. He was funny, entertaining and all the more better in his new show. He didn’t disappoint us at all. All his one liners were witty and smart including his epic bromance with Shah Rukh Khan. Kapil is indeed a star in himself who can carry out any show with his wit, intelligence and smartness.

13kapil sharma show11 The Kapil Sharma Show   Know Why It is an Entertainer!
We simply loved the show and almost all the moments of the Kapil Sharma Show. What did you like the most?

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