Kapil Sibal says that Modi has hired an entire army to promote him on social media and that this is bubble which is about to burst.

According to Kapil Sibal, minister for Information & Broadcasting, the social media campaigns, supporting Narendra Modi is all hype?  All Fake ? It is a private Army hired by Narendra Modi and his team that is engaged in fake campaigning to promote Narendra modi ?

And according to his logic, this is a bubble and it will burst soon. .. Says Kapil Sibal.

I am amazed about these Congressmen who everyday, from morning till night appear on the popular TV channels with their new logic, absurd arguments and target  Narendra Modi ?   And…Some TV channels who are desperately looking for such news to boost their TRP, earn their bread and butter  on such cheap gossips by Congressmen.  Some channels must be getting paid too for such news bites ?  After all,  few journalists, few media channels follow professional ethics. We have heard many top anchors involved in political scams. Is media not corrupt? Of course it is, partially.

The funniest part is… every Congressman says… Congress is not bothered at all about Narendra Modi. We don’t even think of  Narendra Modi?  Ohhh Really???

Who called Modi Hitler?  Congressmen! Who called Modi,  Divisive and communal ? Congressman !! Who called Modi, manipulator of statistics?  Congressmen ! Who called Modi, a liar about development in Gujarat? Congressmen !! And who calls him, Bhasmasur? Maut Ka Saudagar? Ravan? Killer, Murderer? Congressmen. They even use cheap language for  an elected Head of the state who got mandate to govern Gujarat three times by the state electorate?

Do they show any respect for Electoral Democracy?  Or their loyalty is only to family Dynasty?

Just 2 days back… Finance Minister Chidamabaram said, Modi’s past is checkered. His past is questionable ? He has 2002 riots baggage for which this nation will never pardon him. He is divisive and plays communal politics?

Today… Kapil Sebal saying something to media. Everyday, Digvijay Singh keeps reporting to media with his political remarks targeting Modi. Manish Tiwari, Ajay Maken, Rahul Gandhi, all of them can not go to bed unless they say something against Mr Modi. When will they show political maturity?

First, everyone of them will talk liberally against Narendra modi. They all will try his political assassination first… and then they will say,.. who is Modi ? We don’t even consider he is of any political importance to Congress. ??? At this point, they get exposed with their dishonesty.

Even section of the media which works for Congress religiously on paid news, looks for one line in Modi’s speech which can boost their TRP for next 48 hrs. Its a Breaking News… Modi back to RAM Mandir !!

Kamal Faruqui, Kumar Ketkar, Ahmed Patel, Abid Rasool Khan,  Akbar Owaisi are invited for debates!! What political honesty and credibility these characters have? Zero. But they will air their views against Mr Modi and get maximum political millage out of it.

Media is doing good business on Brand Modi.  Most of the congressmen and its allied partners, because of lack of political honesty and sincerity, remain in the same loop. Secular, communal, Modi-phobia. They have nothing else to talk about to the people of India. They all think Modi bashing is a good strategy to please their High command! They know their political survival depends on this approach that pleases Rahul and Sonia Gandhi immensely. It is their sycophancy, a “Majburi”

Can you imagine, political party like Congress which is in the governance for the last 9 years, that does not have any political vision or political agenda to engage in a dialogue with the people of India?

Yes, it is a fact that Congress has nothing to convince people… Why people should vote Congress back in power.

And people are sick and tired of their propaganda worshiping a family. People are asking this question… why should we vote for Congress? For the Scams, loot of the national wealth? For  Corrupt governance? Why people should vote Congress back to power?

People  of India are not fools.  They want answers ! The Voter profile is changed. The young voter wants to see honesty in political class. They want to see effective, non corrupt, quality governance. They want to see their every penny spent judiciously.  And why not?

They want to change this in 2014. They demand… accountability. They want good governance! They want to see development reaching every section of the society. They don’t want communal politics or Vote Bank politics.

People Like Kapil Sibal and Chidamabaram will never understand this !

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