In the swayamvar of Draupadi we see Shakuni telling Karna to go & win Draupadi for his nephew Duryodhan, clearly distorting the fact

As far as the swayamvar of Draupadi is known, everybody is aware that the very first man who went straight ahead to win the competition was Duryodhan. However, he failed in his task and when nobody could win, Karan went ahead. As soon as he lifted the bow, Krishna signaled Draupadi and she announced, “My varmalla is not for any sut putra but a Kshtriya prince.”

who was at fault for draupadi vastraharan duryodhan or yudhishtr india opines Shakuni Tells Karna To Win Draupadi For Duryodhan?

But, the new Mahabharat has something else to portray. It is rather very strange I would say. Here, when Draupadi’s brother is giving the instruction, Duryodhan confirms that he won’t compete the contest as he knows he can’t win. Karan says he can. Mama Shakuni then plans something very weird in his mind. He tells Karan to win the contest and marry Draupadi to Duryodhan. When Karan and Duryodhan objects saying it is wrong, our mama Shakuni reminds them of Bhishma Pitama who too won swayamvar and married the girls to his brothers.

Duryodhan gives his approval and tells Karan to go for it. Karan too is ready to contest for the competition. Meanwhile, Arjun along with his brothers will start for the swayamvar as sadhus. Will Arjun reach at the right time is something that I cannot guarantee as the show has its own vision and thoughts inspired from the maker’s mind and not from the Mahabharat book.

Wonder, what they have in mind by showing Karan contesting the competition. Wasn’t Duryodhan too haughty to accept such a thing? What do you think, isn’t it totally out of the track and baseless to show such false things? Or is it possible that, Shakuni indeed tells Karan to win Draupadi For Duryodhan?

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January 31, 2014 at 5:24 pm

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