Know the inside story of Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava’s marital problems

Few days ago, we had shared Ankita Bhargava’s revelations on her divorce rumours, after a lot was being said and written about her marriage with Karan Patel. Interestingly, Ankita had released an open letter on her Twitter account which revealed how the two were very much happy being together.

While, Ankita shared her marital bliss through her letter, what caught the readers’ attention was her last statement – “We don’t come from backgrounds where Divorce, Separation, and Extra-Maritals have ever taken place”.

karan patel ankita bhargava Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava Marital Problems   The Inside Story!

This made many believe that something is indeed wrong between the couple, else why would there be rumors of their separation. Even Shahid and Mira married last year but going by their romance there are rumors that Mira might be pregnant unlike rumors of split and separation.

Wondering, what Is The Truth? Here we share the details:

Karan Isn’t Allowing Ankita to Take New Projects

Almost everybody in the industry was as much surprised as we were when Karan Patel suddenly announced that he will marry Ankita Bhargava, the daughter of his on screen father-in-law. Nobody expected it because almost everybody was aware about Karan and Kamya Punjabi’s relationship which was in news for a year.

karan patel ankita bhargava sangeet Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava Marital Problems   The Inside Story!

Though they did not admit to their relationship, everyone was aware that they were a couple. However, Karan suddenly left Kamya and without much time and space, announced his relationship with Ankita.

He got hitched to  Ankita in May 2015 and ever since, stories of their marriage falling apart are doing the rounds. Insiders reveal that the two have a lot of issues over a lot of things.

And one of the prime reasons is Karan’s reluctance to let Ankita work or take new assignments or projects. If you remember, Ankita’s last show was Sony TV’s Reporters. Post that, she has not signed or done any shows. This interference miffed Ankita to some extent and it initiated the trouble in their married life.

Karan Patel Mostly Socializes Without His Wife Ankita

Karan is hardly home as he moves out with friends after work Yes, the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actor socializes a lot without Ankita and this seems to be a major issue between the two. No wonder, Ankita is  upset that she doesn’t get much time to spend with her husband. Though, Ankita is still quite ok with Karan’s socialising, his indifference towards her work has upset her greatly.

karan patel abhay bhargava ankita bhargava Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava Marital Problems   The Inside Story!

Karan Patel Gate-Crashing Kamya Punjabi’s Party

Recently, there was news everywhere that Karan Patel gate-crashed his ex Kamya Punjabi’s party at the Box Cricket League event in a drunken state. Reportedly, he even asked the owner of the Jaipur Joshilay team to reconcile with him. This incident has further created problems in Ankita and Karan’s life.

karan patel left kamya punjabi for ankita bhargava Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava Marital Problems   The Inside Story!

Though she has confided her marital woes to few close friends, she is ready to give her husband a second chance. Fortunately, Karan, too, is quite aware of her problems and is ready to mend his ways.

Perhaps this is the reason why when the news of their troubles came out, the two united to put up a brave front.

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