Know the step by step details of how Karan Singh Grover was duped in an online lottery scam. Also, check out how you can save yourself from such frauds

While everybody is joking around how they are winning the multi-crore online lottery on their Facebook status, there is somebody from the tele industry who actually paid some lakhs to claim his winning amount. Yes, strange, but true, TV actor Karan Singh Grover actually paid a processing fee of Rs. 7.70 Lakh to get his winning lottery of Rs 4.31 crore.

karan singh grover online lottery scam Karan Singh Grover & Online Lottery Scam : Know The Entire Story

How it Started?

It all started on May 13, when Karan Singh Grover got a message (SMS) from Audi Motors, UK saying that he had won Rs. 4.31 crore (Oh, by the way, I once won 21 crore from Coca Cola and once 11.5 crore from Toyota). While, anybody would have ignored the SMS thinking it as just another scam, Karan Singh Grover got interested to grab the opportunity. He then sent an email to as advised to claim his prize money. If only KSG knew that genuine email ids are sent from company’s email id and not from gmail, outlook or yahoo.

karan singh grover nigerian online scam Karan Singh Grover & Online Lottery Scam : Know The Entire Story

He Was Then Asked to Pay For Custom Clearance, and Processing Fees

After Karan Singh showed interest in claiming the online lottery, the TV actor was told that Morgan Smith, the general manager of the Audi company was in Delhi itself with his prize money. . He was then asked to submit his identity proof for which KSG sent them a copy of his driving license. The very next day, Morgan Smith asked the actor to deposit a sum of Rs 24,000 in the account of Harjit Singh, an agent for custom clearance.

Post this transaction, Karan Singh Grover got an email from Royal Bank of Scotland’s New Delhi branch that a current account has been opened for him where the winning booty i.e. Rs 4.31 crore has been deposited by Audi Motors.

karan singh grover tv actor Karan Singh Grover & Online Lottery Scam : Know The Entire Story

The email received by Grover said that he could now transfer the money to his account, and in case of any queries he can contact one Gracy Joshi. As expected, Grover couldn’t transfer the money. The system asked him for the cost of the transaction code. Feeling confused, Karan then called up Gracy Joshi. He told him to deposit another sum of Rs. 98,000 for securing the code. Karan Singh Grover didn’t mind paying him this amount.

It didn’t stop there…

On May, Morgan Smith called Karan and told him that in order to get the winning booty, he will have to get a certificate from the United Nations Anti-Terrorism Department. However, the certificate came with a price of Rs 4.06 lakh. Surprisingly, our actor friend didn’t suspect anything even here. He transferred another Rs. 4.06 lakh in the account of five different people – Manish Kumar, Mayank Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Vinod Sharma, and Mahesh Kumar

So, When Did KSG realized that he is being conned?

On May 22, KSG was then asked to give another Rs 12 lakh tax on the prize money. This is how Karan Singh Grover finally realized that he I being cheated after giving the conmen around 7.70 Lakh. Grover then immediately rushed to the BKC cyber police station from where he was referred to Khar police station.

karan singh grover duped Karan Singh Grover & Online Lottery Scam : Know The Entire Story

The Khar police investigating the case froze all the 5 accounts and could retrieve only Rs. 1.4 Lakh as all the amount was already withdrawn from the account.

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