Reasons why Karna would have been a better spouse of Draupadi than the Panadavas

From years people have been talking about Draupadi and Karna’s soft corner for each other, and the regrets they later had for insulting each other in Mahabharat’s two crucial episodes. Although, Draupadi was destined to marry Arjun along with his four brothers, here I look upon why Draupadi should have married Karna instead of Pandavas:

1. Karna possessed every quality which the individual Pandavas had

Draupadi in her past life had longed for a husband who will have moral value, strength, good built, wisdom, along with the quality of being intelligent, handsome and a good archer. Although these qualities were divided among the Pandavas – Yudishtr known for moral values, Bheem for physical strength, Arjun for good archery, Nakul for his physical appearance and Sehdev for his intelligence, Karna possessed them all.

Karna, the mighty warrior was not only a good archer, in fact better than Arjun (Ah, I’m ready for a debate) but also possessed other qualities including  physical strength, intelligence and wisdom. In addition, he was also smart and had moral values.

2. Karna had the same valor and virtue when compared to the Pandavas

Panchali aka Draupadi had to face many insult just because she was married to 5 men and had physical relations with them. Although all her 5 husbands possessed immense valor and virtue, had she married Karna she could never have been a target of insults. In addition, she could have had a loving husband with valor and virtue. But, for all the dharma and political reasons, she was destined to marry the Pandavas.

3. Had Draupadi married Karna, she would never have been publicly humiliated or even gambled away

Years later when Lord Krishna revealed to Draupadi that Karna is no sutra putr but Kunti’s son, Draupadi regretted her words during swayamvar. Actually, Draupadi did not mean any insult when she called Karna a sutra putr in her swayamvar. Back then, she wanted to marry Arjun desperately and seeing Karna lifting the bow she feared he would win the contest and also her. So, in order to marry Arjun, she needed an excuse and in haste she said, “I cannot marry a sutra putra.” to which all the kings laughed at Karna.

Here, although Draupadi saw Karna’s humble nature she was compelled to insult him which years later became the cause of her humiliation. Oh yes, Karma is a bitch!

draupadi karna vaishya prostitute 6 Reasons Why Karna was a Better Choice for Draupadi than the Pandavas

4. Karna would  never share Draupadi like Arjun

Had Draupadi married Karna, she would have never faced the dilemma of marrying four other brothers as well. But, this is Draupadi’s own fault because she was the one who herself had prevented Karna from entering her swayamvar.

draupadi mahabharat star plus 129x300 6 Reasons Why Karna was a Better Choice for Draupadi than the Pandavas

5. Draupadi loved Arjun more but Arjun preferred Subhadra more

Draupadi all her life loved Arjun more than any other brother. However, Arjun wasn’t happy that he had to share his wife Draupadi with 4 other brothers and so his love was more inclined to his other wife Subhadra. Draupadi also knew this fact and this is why, it is often said, Draupadi might have soft corner for Karna, being the next best archer.

Arjun Subhadra 6 Reasons Why Karna was a Better Choice for Draupadi than the Pandavas

6. Karna Stood for Draupadi

There is a general conception that Karna insulted Draupadi in the rajya sabha and became one of the reason for her vastraharan. However, we actually fail to analyze the reason of his insult. Just like Draupadi insulted Karna in her swayamvar (though she did not wanted to) so that she could marry Arjun. Karna too insulted Draupadi so that it would infuriate the Pandavas who were sitting like Duck to take some actions against the injustice happening with Draupadi.

Karna could not support Draupadi then as he was in Team Kauravas. In addition, he did not even want people to see his soft side for Draupadi and so he wanted to ignite Pandavas through his kadu – vachan. But, unfortunately, Pandavas turned deaf ears to Karna’s insult and Draupadi started hating Karna forever until Krishna told her his real intention before the war started.

Lastly, a Stand-up Comedian’s Humorous Take on Pandavas Inefficiency to Control Draupadi’s Cheerharan

By: Deepti Verma

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