In a high voltage drama in Star Plus Mahabharat, Duryodhan orders Draupadi vastraharan. Karna too participates by calling Draupadi a Vaishya – prostitute. Did he really used such words?

The high voltage drama of Mahabharat is going on full swing and we see Draupadi has been brought to disrobe in the sabha. Now that we already know the story, let’s come straight to the point, and that is the remark of Karna in the new Mahabharat, who is shown playing a major role in disrobing Draupadi in spite of Duryodhan’s younger brother Vikarn attempting to stop both Dushashan and Duryodhan from doing such an Adharm.

draupadi karna vaishya prostitute Did Karna Really Call Draupadi A Vaishya – Prostitute?

Here in the episode, Karna without any discomfort calls Draupadi a Vaishya (Prostitute). While, even BR Chopra’s Karna said the same thing in 80’s Mahabharat, there is a strong opposition from the people who have read versions of Mahabharat.

No wonder, I too fall in the same category because as far as my readings are concerned the word used by Karna in the English translation of original Mahabharat by K.M. Ganguly is “unchaste” and not prostitute or vaishya.

Karna’s comment only came in picture when Draupadi was called Kulvadhu. At once he called her unchaste just because Draupadi had sexual relations with 5 men unlike Kulvadhus. So, the comment was rather a reaction in comparison with other kulvadhus as far as I can see.

Besides, here in the serials, both in BR Chopra’s and Swastik Pictures Mahabharat, the entire dramatic sequence of calling Draupadi a prostitute is dramatized as if public wants entertainment just like an item number in Bollywood movies.

Moreover, did you hear Dhritrashtr’s comment? Well, can you even imagine a King being desperate for her bahu’s vastra haran, least giving cheap comments on her. Well, in reality Dhritrashtr remained mum over the entire issue and supported Duryodhan’s misdeed by remaining silent.

Anyway, since, the word “unchaste” is translated from the original book, do you think what KM Ganguly is trying to say is that Karna called Draupadi a whore? Was that written in the original book? What do you think – Did Karna really call Draupadi a vaishya – prostitute?

By: Deepti Verma

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