Karna wasn’t present when Draupadi was insulted in the Virata court – Know the actual incident

During the Agyatvas, Karna and Duryodhana never stayed in the Virata kingdom as show in the serial Suryaputra Karn. In fact, they fought with the Matsya army where the Prince Uttara fought against them under the guidance of Arjuna (who was then in disguise as a eunuch). 

While the serial Suryaputra Karna is showing Duryodhana’s stay in the Virata kingdom, here we share the real facts which are quite contradictory to what is shown in the serial.

gautam rode karn sony tv Karna Didn’t Protect Draupadi In the Virata Kingdom!

It was only after the death of Kichak that Duryodhana speculated Pandavas presence in the Virata Kingdom.

Kichak was King Virata’s brother-in-law. He was his wife Sudeshna’s brother and the commander-in-chief of the Matsya army. Though he was powerful, he was full of vices. One of his vice was “lust” which ultimately became the cause of his death. Well, we all know that during Agyatvas, Draupadi entered the Virata kingdom as Malini or sairandhri (female servant) in the palace. She took care of the Queen. During one such instance, Kichak saw Draupadi in disguise as a sairandhri and fell for her beauty.

Agyatvas kichak bheem mahabharat Karna Didn’t Protect Draupadi In the Virata Kingdom!

Kichak then mentioned his lust to his sister and requested her to send Sairandhri to serve him with wine. While Draupadi was serving him the wine, he not only embraced her but also tried to kiss her. Draupadi however, pushed him and ran away from the spot. Next, Kichak insulted her in the rajya sabha in front of everyone including her husband Yudhishtir who too was present in the court in disguise.  Once again, Yudhishtir couldn’t do anything for DRAUPADI. However, she wanted revenge, so she asked Bheem (who was the royal cook in the palace) to kill Kichak. By their planning, Bheem could easily kill Kichak with bare hands.

Only post the death of Kichak, Duryodhana sensed Bheem’s presence in the Virata kingdom as it was not possible for an ordinary man to kill Kichak, that too so easily with just bare hands.

Karna was Nowhere when Draupadi was being insulted in the Virata Kingdom

Unlike shown in the serial, there was neither Duryodhana nor Karna to protest Draupadi’s insult in front of everybody in the Kichak’s rajya sabha. And here we have a roaring Karna who stops Kichak from insulting a lady (Draupadi in disguise).

draupadi Karna Didn’t Protect Draupadi In the Virata Kingdom!

Karna in the serial is portrayed as a gentleman. We know he was one, but that doesn’t mean his greatness will go beyond the reality. In fact, Karna was the one who had felicitated Draupadi’s cheer haran after the Pandavas lost everything in gambling. Karna was not even present in the kingdom when Draupadi was being insulted by KIchak, the wicked.

Duryodhana and the Kauravas instead Warred Against the Virata Kingdom

Post knowing that Kichak is dead, a king named Susharma attacked the Virata kingdom thinking that without Kichak, Virata is weak.  However, the Pandavas helped the king. And just when the Virata king was away, the Kauravas attacked the area from the northern area. This is the first time when the Kauravas entered the Virata territory. Interestingly, they were defeated by Virata’s king Uttara under the guidance of Arjuna in disguise as a eunuch.

surya putra karna Karna Didn’t Protect Draupadi In the Virata Kingdom!

So, the entire meeting of Duryodhana and Kichak is imaginary. They never met nor did Karna protected Draupadi when Kichak insulted her in the court.

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