Karna Was Not Friends With Arjuna and Pandavas as shown in Sony tv Suryaputra Karn

In Suryaputra Karn serial, we see Karna has become friends with Arjuna and Pandavas. Not just Karna even his brother Shon has teamed up with the Pandavas. They have become buddies and share positive vibes. While, the serial is trying to show a certain ‘Bromance’ between the arch rivals ‘Karna-Arjuna’, we fail to understand what they are trying to portray and why!

vikarna karna duryodhana Karna Was Not Friends With Arjuna and Pandavas!

Karna and Arjun Were Not Buddies

Last week we saw how Karna turns an angel and saves Pandavas and their mother ‘Kunti’ from a fatal accident. He not only rescues Kunti from a cliff but also fights with an asur to save the five brothers. This is how Karna meets the Pandavas in the serial. Now since Karna turns out to be their savior. No wonder, they now share a ‘nice’ relationship in the serial.

shalya karna mahabharat Karna Was Not Friends With Arjuna and Pandavas!


However, this incident is far from truth as the two met only during the tournament when Arjuna was so insecured of Karna that he reminded Drona of his promise – A promise that Drona would make Arjuna so skilled in archery that nobody could ever beat him. No wonder, this is the reason why Eklavya had to sacrifice his everything to Drona.

For Arjuna, Karna was just an arch rival nothing else and for Karna, Arjuna was the same. They were never buddies in fact they always found each other in opposite sides.

Duryodhana Favored Karna and that’s a reality

It is indeed a sad thing that instead of exploring the great friendship of Karna and Duryodhana, Suryaputra Karn is trying to show animosity between the two where the two dislike each other and are even ready to show each other in bad light.

We all are well versed that Duryodhan had high regards for ‘Karna’ because he respected his ‘strength’, ‘behaviour’ and ‘talent’ unlike others including Pandavas who only saw him as a sutputra. No wonder, it was Duryodhana who made him Angaraj from sutputra and led him battle the tournament.

duryodhana karna mahabharat Karna Was Not Friends With Arjuna and Pandavas!

Duryodhana and Karna’s friendship remains immemorial because of its goodness. After all, it was Duryodhana who had shunned the caste system and had given preference to talent over caste. A thing, which we still fail to adopt, though now the situations have reversed.

Karna too could never forget Duryodhana’s gesture and he vowed to remain loyal and trustworthy towards his friend forever. This is the reason why he prefers to be at his side even when Lord Krishna discloses his reality, even when Kunti begs him for his sons’ lives and even when he knows he has to side with Adharma.

Karna and Diryodhana’s friendship was unconditional based on love, trust and mutual respect. This is the reason why Duryodhana inspite of being an antagonist in Mahabharat never devalued Karna. On the contrary, all the protagonist always sidelined him calling him a suta, let alone seeing his talent and strength.

These are the reasons why it is really annoying to see Karna bonding with Arjuna and the other brothers. Worst, the serial even showed how Karna is helping the brothers in saving Bheem when Duryodhana tried to poison Bheem.

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