In Suryaputra Karna serial of Sony TV Karna turns a superhero to save his mother Kunti. Know Swastik Pictures’ & Siddharth Tewary’s latest offering!

Sony TV’s Karna is quite multi-talented. He has capabilities beyond what Ved Vyas had drafted for him in Mahabharat. No wonder, he not only has proficiencies of a Kshatriya (he knows archery), and suta (he can ride a chariot very well) but has competences which only certain Brahims had. No wonder, Karna knows about the science of aircraft just like Agastya Rishi. Yes, he could create a flying chariot with the help of electricity.

karna sony tv Karna Turns Hanuman and Krrish in Sony TV!

While, nobody ever knew anything about Vimana in Mahabharat, Karna not only creates one but also flies in it.  Hmm, he is that superior, and now when we were already surprised by his knacks, know-hows and talents, we got to see his special super powers also. Yes, my dear fans and viewers, Sony TV Karna can even fly, both horizontally and vertically just like our modern day superhero Krish.

Karna’s Flight Saves Kunti

Pandu and Maadri are dead and so Vidur comes in the jungle to take Kunti and her sons back to Hastinapur. However, Duryodhan and Shakuni are against them, and they do not want the Pandavas to come inside the Hastinapur. So, they arrange for a beast who can kill anybody by producing good amount of fire.

It so happens that when the Pandavas and Kunti along with Vidur is moving towards Hastinapur. Winds start blowing heavily and they sense foul smell of burning. The charioteers cannot control the chariots and Kunti loses her grip tumbles and falls from a cliff.

suryaputra karn flying Karna Turns Hanuman and Krrish in Sony TV!

Karna who is moving on his horse hear the sound of Kunti. She is screaming “bachao putra” . Immediately he rushes in the direction of the sound. Well, neither on his horse nor on his foot – He flies towards the direction just like we saw Krrish flying in Krrish 2 in the jungles of his villages.

He first flies horizontally towards the cliff and when he sees gravity is pulling Kunti, he changes his direction and flies vertically just like Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman did in the same channel a few days ago when Lord Pawan brought him safely after Indra attacked him with a brahmastra.

Next, our superhero Karna (in the air) gets the hold of Kunti’s hand. Immediately, he rolls himself down and brings Kunti up. This thing happens when the two are hanging in air down the cliff. Imagine, after seeing VFX in other serials like Chakravrtin Ashoka  Samrat, Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman and Jodha Akbar, we witness such a bizarre thing in the name of animation on an Indian TV serial.

surya putra karn Karna Turns Hanuman and Krrish in Sony TV!

The drama doesn’t stop here. The two are then pulled by a rope that Adirath throws down. While, even a mighty man would need a support to tie the rope (somewhere) to pull the two up, here Adirath pulls them both just by holding it in his hands without any hinge or support. No, he has no stress on his face. Ya, suta too had so much strength!

Another strange thing is, Karna is holding the rope with his hand but his legs are in parallel with the rope. Just imagine the scene. Well, why don’t you watch yourself! Well, it all starts from 12.43. Good Luck!

How naïve of me, I thought I knew almost everything about Suryaputra Karna until I watched this very episode! Nevertheless, now I know that Karna could even fly like Hanuman or let’s say like our Superhero Krrish. Kudos to Siddharth Kumar Tewary and Swastik Pictures for enlightening us with this information!

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