The story of Karna in Suryaputra Karn is not like that of mythological Karna we know

When Suryaputra Karn serial was introduced on Sony TV, we thought the serial would tell us a lot about the mythological character Karna, his personal life and also illustrate a lot about his traits for which the legend is known for. However, much to our dismay, the serial didn’t even show the basic things for which Karna was renowned for, forget providing us with enough details.

Here are few things which the serial didn’t bother about at all:

Karna is Popularly Known as Danveer – The serial doesn’t focus much

We all know what sort of Daanveer, the mighty Karna was. Nobody left empty hands when he/she asked anything from him when he prayed to the sun early in the morning. However, though the serial has been running from long, we haven’t seen him donating anything. It was acceptable in Mahabharat to skip the details of his benevolent nature as Karna was not the central character. However, in a serial dedicated to Karna, we didn’t expect the writers to be so merciless and naïve.

Karna parting with kavach Karna in Suryaputra Karn Is Suffering from Identity Crisis – Reasons Why

The serial should have concentrated on these traits of Karna right from the start. Instead of sticking to the basic plot of his benevolent nature, they could have showed how Karna became a Danveer. However, the writers simply neglected it royally.

Karna Was Curious About HIS Kavach

Right from the start, Karna was quite curious about the special Kavach and Kundal which his body had -The natural armor which nobody had except him. It made him invincible. It was mainly because of these natural gifts that Karna always remained inquisitive about his birth and upbringing and also refused to stay a life of a Suta and followed his basic instincts and heart that was living a life like a warrior rather than a charioteer.

karna sony tv Karna in Suryaputra Karn Is Suffering from Identity Crisis – Reasons Why

However, we do not see Karna in the serial getting curious about his special kaavach or kundal unlike the mythological Karna.

Karna Had 2 Wives – Here He is the Husband of Just One

Karna had 2 wives – Vrushali and Supriya both from the Suta clan. However, the serial shows that he is married only once. Besides, he had 9 sons. However, all these people seem to be missing in his life. It would have been appreciated if Karna’s wife Supriya too had been a part of the serial. After all, Vrishakethu, the only surviving son of Karna is believed to be Supriya’s son.

vrushali karna Karna in Suryaputra Karn Is Suffering from Identity Crisis – Reasons Why

Time and Again, He was reminded that He was a Sutputra

Karna was a great warrior. He was unbeatable. Therefore, when nobody could face him they would insult him by reminding him his social status. This is the reason why time and again Karna was called as Sutputra. This insult often annoyed him. This is the reason why he was so close to Duryodhan as he always valued him because of his strength, valor and bravery rather than insulting him for his social status. When everybody looked him down, Duryodhan made him his friend and considered him equal.

gautam rode karna Karna in Suryaputra Karn Is Suffering from Identity Crisis – Reasons Why

There are many discrepancies seen in Karna’s personality in Suryaputra Karna serial. Wonder why the writers do not invest their time in some good script when they are ready to invest so much time and effort for showing us a deviated version.

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