Wish Kashmir to be India’s.

All ears in Pakistan may be pretentiously deaf to that Kashmiri residents have been awed by Modi’s magnetic persona. And it’s not the media who claims so but they themselves in fact state that given a chance, they would like to free themselves from the shackles of Pakistan and melt in the arms of India.

Aren’t you chewing over the ‘what-factor’ behind the fulfilment of this that has been India’s pipe dream? You must be! Well, it’s the herculean respite that was lent by Modi government during 2014 floods and 2015 earthquake, to jeopardized Kashmir.

kashmmir flood modi Kashmir Lauds Modi Government And Wants To Be India’s

Chairman of the Anjuman Minhaj-e-Rasool, Moulana Syed Athar Hussain Dehlavi, who toured Pakistan-occupied Kashmir recently claimed that people there want to be Indians.

Dehlavi said that the residents there are pissed off with augmenting extremism in Pakistan and implores for peace. Given the chance, they would want a referendum so that by votes they can be a part of India. He said that Modi’s governance has touched the hearts of people.

kashmir modi Kashmir Lauds Modi Government And Wants To Be India’s

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was given a cold welcome when he visited the flood-affected areas of Kashmir. “Go Nawaz Go”, was the three words that were showered upon him on his arrival there. It was quite suggestive that Pakistan-government’s indifference towards the woes of Kashmir had flipped the mind-set of theirs’.

People’s habituation gives rise to a peaceful abode, and now when the hearts of Kashmir had fixed upon to merge with the hearts of Indians, Kashmir is already ours, albeit not formally, but spiritually.

kashmir development Kashmir Lauds Modi Government And Wants To Be India’s


By Prerna Daga

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