Is it a political game of opportunism that stands guarded against the apparently unsolvable Kashmir issue? Or is the fossil too deeply buried that it is impossible to arrive to any solution? Here are some reasons!

Questions Lie Unanswered

Looking at the contemporary political map and the associated relations between India, Pakistan and Kashmir, several eternally unanswered queries surely strike the democratic mind. Why the Pak PM got glued to Kashmir and raises the issue every now and then? Why Kashmir-factor always lingers in between amicable bilateral relations? Besides raising the issue at the united nations,Sharif also mentioned it in his talks with  former Indian prime ministers.Pakistan also tried to resolve this issue by US intervention. US always reiterated that  Kashmir being a bilateral issue should be resolved among the two nations.

Kashmir border Kashmir and Pakistan Issue: Reasons Behind Unsuccessful Talks

The Vale of Kashmir – The Most Prized Real Estate On Earth

Kashmir is the core issue which can be attributed to any  kind of conciliation between India and Pakistan. Pakistan always tried to deviate from the Shimla and UN agreement. In his talk with Indira Gandhi,former Pakistan PM Zulfikar Ali Bhutto,assured to make the ceasefire line as an international border.But he backtracked from the agreement due to the creation of Bangladesh. Still Pakistan should realise that there is no solution to Kashmir rather than successful talks.Hence, Shimla agreement is competent enough to resolve the issue.

Kashmir Valley Kashmir and Pakistan Issue: Reasons Behind Unsuccessful Talks

This Land was made for You and Me

Delhi and the Kashmir issue

Delhi always used to be the centrallised control cell for J&k.Even a popular leader like Sheikh Abdullah had to be subservient to New Delhi. Once he made controversial remarks, that they would rather starve than accept India’s diktat and consequently he was detained for 12 years. In fact, there were no elections in the years soon after the state joined the Indian Union. Sheikh Abdullah, then called the Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, accepted the fait accompli which was decided at Delhi. The practice was vigorously pursued when Ghulam Bhakshi Mohammad replaced the Sheikh when the latter was detained. The decision about who should head Kashmir was taken at New Delhi.

Daimler Kashmir 1948 Kashmir and Pakistan Issue: Reasons Behind Unsuccessful Talks

Daimler Armoured Car of the Indian Army, on road patrol in the Jammu & Kashmir state, keeping the strategic Baramula-Uri road clear of interference, 1948.

In those days Kashmir used to be under the administrative control of the external affairs ministry. Probably, it was meant to convey that since the matter was before the UN, it had to be dealt with by the External Affairs Ministry, headed by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Later,Govind Ballabh pant was in charge of the external affairs ministry. In the meanwhile,the credos to Nehru for disapproving Maharaja Hari Singh’s proposal to join the Indian Union until it had the approval of the then popular leader Shiekh Abdullah, in jail at that time. It is unfortunate that the Sheikh turned out to be a disappointment. He took New Delhi’s dictated arrangement like a duck to water.

Omar Abdullah 1667970f Kashmir and Pakistan Issue: Reasons Behind Unsuccessful Talks

Since then, chief ministers at Srinagar,Mufti Mohammad Sayeed  or Farooq Abdullah has understood that Srinagar has to tilt its sails according to the winds blowing from New Delhi. CM Omar Abdullah tried many strengthening measures to patronise the state police instead of using the Indian army always . But he isn’t successful yet,due to the infiltration of the Pakistan army with the support of Tehrek-e-Taliban,more often in the foggy winters, when the passes gets blocked due to zero visibility. From the past experiences,Pakistan should have understood that it can’t snatch away forcibly rather than it should hold decisive talks.

By Aditya Jha

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Omar Abdullah
 Kashmir Valley

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