Modi, Kashmir too needs ‘acche’ din. Yes, it waits for the promised Flood Package.

7th Sept 2014 is the most ghastly day in the diary of Kashmir, but perhaps not India. There has been a perpetual tug of war since time immemorial over the issue of Kashmir being declared as India’s, officially. But the way central government fell flat to extend out its financial aid to the much-needing Kashmir is quite of anomalistic to our age-old toil for Kashmir. Doesn’t that sound like a mother’s fascination to bear a child, but indifferent to her nine-month pregnancy? India is on the same boat, imploring to have Kashmir-free Pakistan/ India-occupied Kashmir, but being aloof.

kashmir modi Kashmir’s Patience Ruptures To Disapprove Modi Government

Yesterday even after the completion of one whole revolution of earth, the eyes of Kashmir were soaked with the same pangs as a year ago. For no fruition resulted in favour of the demand of Rs 44,000 crore claimed by state government. However, the quantum of Rs 1,642 crore was released by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, which too after subsequent debt clearance, dwindled down to stand out at petty sum of 43 crore.

Kashmir floods Kashmir’s Patience Ruptures To Disapprove Modi Government


A senior minister in PDP-BJP government lamented that what Modi, on his visit last year, bespoke of, was a mirage. Each and every sunk- heart of Kashmir believed Modi as the seraph, who would dust of all their after-devastation woes like he did to Nepal. But all their envisaged picturesque remained unpainted, for Modi never cared to grapple the brush between his fingers.

jammu kashmir Kashmir’s Patience Ruptures To Disapprove Modi Government

As per government estimates, 2,61,361 structures were damaged in the calamity. Of this, 21,485 were completely damaged. Official figures state that over Rs 300 crore has been given to the affected families.

Well, it was not the turned-down financial aid that whitewashed the hopes of Kashmiri residents but also the disregard towards the environmental parameters. Ban on construction across low-lying regions was quite expected to be launched but the government, much to the people’s dismay, had turned a blind eye towards the on-going construction near Jheum, advocating that what heralds more disasters in Kashmir.

Some with no roof over head;

Some tossing below the pendulous roof;

Some pondering over the loss born;

Some dreaming a delusionary dream of recovery;

Some looking forward to angelic ‘someone’;

Some taking a breath ugly lifelessly;

Some tag it ‘destiny’, I tag it ‘ignorance’.

By Prerna Daga

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