Kaundinya, the scholar had predicted that Suddhodhan’s son will not become a King but only a Buddha. Later, he also became Buddha’s first disciple.But I wonder why Zee TV chooses to ignore him. Read Kaundinya’s background here

Siddharth in Zee TV Buddha after leaving Guruvar Alara Kalam’s ashram as per the historical record goes to his next guru Udaraka Ramaputta to learn and gain meditative consciousness. Here too he soon becomes equal of the guru and yet again it is time for Siddharth to bid adieu to his second guru to find answers of his questions.

As per the data available, it is known that from here upon he is accompanied by Kaundaniya and his 4 companion who along with Siddharth move ahead to take their austerities to next level. However, in the serial it has been show that Kaundaniya doesn’t join him but instead gives his best wishes to Siddharth for his future endeavors.

IMG 20140413 165417 Who was Kaundinya? Can Zee TV Buddha Ignore his Role?

Also, it was shown that Kaundaniya in the jungle meet Siddharth and he is the one who shows the path of Guruvar Udarka Ramaputta to Siddharth. However, going by the available information, it seems that Kaundaniya only met Siddharth after the former decided to accompany Siddharth in his journey along with other 4 scholars namely Mahanama, Asvajit, Baspa and Bharika with of course the permission of Suddhodhana, the worried father of Siddharth.

While, the serial did show Siddharth addressing Kaundaniya as Guruvar, his background was given a miss. Let me here, introduce the scholar Kaundaniya who later became the first Arahant.

Kaundinya was a brahmin and in a very young age mastered vedas. This knowledge gained him not only fame but also recognition at a young age. Due to his immense wisdom, he was also appointed as a royal scholar in the court of Shakya King Suddhodhan in Kapilvastu.

It was here that Kaundinya had predicted that King Suddhodhan amd Queen Maya’s son would not become a chakravarti – supreme king but an enlightened Buddha. Besides, the scholar also vowed to become his disciple. You may now wonder that this prediction was given by Asita muni then why the writer stresses on Kaundinya.

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Well although in the serial time and again you heard King Suddhodhana worrying about Asat Muni’s prediction that Siddharth could either become a chakravarti or enlightened Buddha, it is rather surprising that the shoe did not choose to focus on Kaundaniya’s words at the name ceremony of Siddharth. King Suddhodhana wasn’t much worried about Asat Munni’s prediction but of Kaundinya’s wordings because although all the 7 scholars gave the dual prediction of either a supereme king or an enlightened one, Kaundinya was the sole scholar to predict that Siddharth would only become the enlightened Buddha and not a Supreme king unlike the other 7 scholars present in the court.

Therefore, as soon as Kaundaniya came to know about Siddharth’s ascetic practice he along with his 4 companions joined Siddharth in his practice of self – mortification, later becoming first bhikku of Gautam Buddha, know famous as GautamBuddha’s first disciple.

But the the entire sequence shown here is different from what is generally known. Neither, there was any talks of Kaundinya when Siddharth was growing up in the palace nor we saw Kaundaniya taking permission to join in his pratigya of self-mortification. Perhaps, the makers of the Zee TV are using some different source for this historical drama, but even then why miss the basic story.

Well, instead of concentrating on Mangala and her evil plans, they could have surely given us a detailed description of Kaundaniya, who being the first disciple of Buddha surely needed more focus than Siddharth’s evil fictional type aunt who only has destructive plans for Kapilvastu.

Hope the serial soon gets in synchronization with the actual data available, if they are really refering to some other sources then it would be helpful if they cite the sources because in that case the serial will be a reference of Gautam Buddha’s journey from his birth to his enlightenment, rather thanjust a historical entertainment serial like Sony TV Maharana Pratap and Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar.

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Source: Snapshot from Zee TV

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