Kavita Krishna’s socialism and feminism were exuberated in 2012 rape case, thereafter, to be in the limelight of media became her fervor.

These paradoxical hands are of none other than social-activist other than Kavita Krishnan. Her extreme uproar against 2012 nation-stirring ‘Nirbhaya rape’ case rendered her a knowing image in our country. Her words-war to help girls break off the conventional restrictions and praxes were potent and commendable. But not what liked is her right intention craving to latch on to media-and-political attention.

This time her acute feminism poured contempt to our honourable PM Narendra Modi. To be in the glare of media, she could shamelessly sneer “He has a record of stalking daughters”. What saying such disgraceful words would buy her? Was it her hunger to make her name to twitter’s ‘India Trends’? Jesus, wish she could get this straight that what she does buys her ill-fame and not fame.


Is Kavita on the brink of her most-ill-repute?

What crime has Modi done by sparking off ‘Selfie with daughters’ trend in Twitter? What is this lady up to?

1. Is she actually selfie hater?
kavita krishnan A Helping Hand To Women Or A Slapping Hand To Modi

2. Take a glimpse of her childhood

3.Her attention-hunger persists, so let it be media’s attention
kavita krishnan fun A Helping Hand To Women Or A Slapping Hand To Modi

4. Does she beat Arvind Kejriwal in seeking attention?
Arvind Kejriwal A Helping Hand To Women Or A Slapping Hand To Modi


By Prerna Daga

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