Samyukta Singh – Keith’s ex-wife might just enter Bigg Boss 9 house. Check out everything about her….

Viewers and fans are appreciating Keith Sequeira a lot these days. After all, both the men as well as women are surprised by his level of patience in the Bigg Boss 9 house. Keith is not just handling his gf Rochelle Rao in the house but is even trying his best to manage his partner, the foreign beauty Mandana Karimi. The way he is keeping a balance between the two is something worth appreciating.

Keith in Mandanas clothes 41 Know Everything about Keith Sequeira’s ex Wife Samyukta Singh!

However, if these two weren’t enough, Keith will soon get a shock of his life when he will see his ex-wife in the show too. Yes, that’s correct Keith Sequeira’s ex-wife might enter Bigg Boss 9 soon.

Who is the ex-wife of Keith Sequeira?

Well her name is Samyukta Singh and makers of Bigg Boss 9 are planning to rope her soon in the house. Wondering who is Samyukta Singh? Well Samyukta Singh is the same girl whose face you adored during the 90s. Well, she is the ‘chehra kya dekhte ho’ girl who starred with Ayub Khan in the film Salaami.

samyukta singh keith Know Everything about Keith Sequeira’s ex Wife Samyukta Singh!

Next she was seen in an album Solva Saal along with Vishal Singh of Dekh Bhai Dekh fame. I do remember this video since it was widely shot at Navi Mumbai covering the area near NRI complex and Jui Nagar Railway station.

Samyukta Was Dating Keith Even Before He Became a VJ

Keith Sequeira wasn’t a VJ then and he started dating Samyukta Singh. The two married and their marriage lasted for good 7 years until they decided to split and move apart. So Samyukta knows Keith well and from a long time.

keith sequeira samyukta sequiera sukhwinder singh Know Everything about Keith Sequeira’s ex Wife Samyukta Singh!

This reminds me of Rochelle Rao his current girlfriend. Well Rochelle Rao knows Keith only from past 3 months. The couple is still learning about each other. Don’t you think Samyukta’s entry will make Rochelle crazy? The girl is already insecure and Samyukta’s entry will make her go mad. Well, this is mean but that’s what Bigg Boss is trying to do – Create Double Trouble for the house inmates.

Samyukta Is Sister-in-law of Kishen Kumar

Samyukta Singh has a filmy connection. Her sister Tanya Singh is married to T Series owner Kishen Kumar. Besides, her father Ajit Singh is a music composer. Samyukta’s another sister Natsha Singh was seen in Dekh Bhai Dekh as Keerti Diwan. Yes, the talkative daughter of Farida Jalal and Navin Nischol. She has a brother too – Sunny Singh. Sunny was seen in 2 movies – English Babu Desi Men and Paathshala.

samyukta singh bb9 Know Everything about Keith Sequeira’s ex Wife Samyukta Singh!

Samyukta Singh was out of news from a long period of time until recently when she was spotted in a Bollywood campaign against the killing of stray dogs in Kerala

Samyukta Has Still Not Given Her Nod for Bigg Boss 9

Bigg Boss is looking forward to add more spice to the show this is the reason why there is a buzz of approaching Samyukta. However, she has still not given her nod for the show. If she enters the show, we are sure the drama will increase two folds and so will be the TRPs. Unfortunately, we will have to see a teary eyed Rochelle roaming here and there defending Keith like she is doing now.

samyukta keith rochelle Know Everything about Keith Sequeira’s ex Wife Samyukta Singh!

What do you think – Should Samyukta Singh enter Bigg Boss 9?

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