Kejriwal was recently slapped during a roadshow in Delhi which points at the direction Indian politics is taking right before this elections, and this I don’t say from an anti Kejriwal stand.

I am not surprised that Arvind Kejriwal was slapped yet again or rather punched in the face because I saw it coming.

Two days back, scrolling Facebook I came across a very disturbing, though not surprising, development.  It carried a news item quoting Kejriwal as saying, “Where is the Modi wave?  I don’t see any wave.” Below this was a comment, “Do thappad padenge to wave dikhne lagegi.” And the very next day he was punched in the face in a public place.

A country going to polls in two days time must take notice of where we are heading. But I am surprised that the Aam Aadmi supporters, who claim to be way ahead of old and traditional parties should have missed this clear writing on the social network site. True, I have never been a fan of Kejriwal but this is the not the way to express dissent or prove that Modi is invincible. Some analysts may feel that Kejriwal had it coming and I would go as far as suggesting that it was the AAP that had started this verbal threatening and abusing system on social media (ask Kiran Bedi) with those who left them or disagreed with them.

But if the AAP supporters felt they would have it all their way, they are now pitted against a real foe who would brook no dissent or contrary opinion. Shiela Dixit and Rahul Gandhi were soft targets, literally, but the voters who are going to decide about their rulers for the next five years in the coming few days should keep their eyes and ears open to what is happening around them before casting their vote.

And yes, as I said, I am no Kejriwal fan, not because Ambani pays me but because Kejriwal’s style of anarchy has brought about very serious differences between me and my son and friends of his age group who are still following his dream because somewhere he remains  their typical archetypal hero who can do no wrong.

At my age, I have seen many a hero put on the pedestal and brought to dust. I still trust my instincts rather than TV chat show or media harangue to make my choices.

By Amitabh Srivastava

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