Post Delhi election, fingers are being pointed at Modi’s vanity, Bedi’s senility, Kejriwal’s humility, Sadhvi’s crudity and Amit Shah’s obesity

Several Posts, ranging from fitness articles to satires, were submitted in our community. Most of these articles trended well in the community. Here are the top trending ones.

Hail Humility 

A brilliantly written satire on the act of wooing the voters carried out by the various political parties during the delhi Election. ‘Given that we are wiser after an election, fingers are being pointed at Modi’s vanity, Bedi’s senility, Kejriwal’s humility, Sonia’s divinity, Rahul’s naivety, Sadhvi’s crudity and Amit Shah’s obesity. According to unreliable sources, here are a few lessons in wooing the voter.’ Read the post to know what went in favour of AAP and what went against the Rest.

Does India have a green conscience? 

A well written post, it deals with the declining greenery in our cities and the worsening environmental situation. It highlights the stark neglect of environment for the sake of business and development. As the author points out that ‘It’s all about generating more and more revenue and filling up the coffers until more houses can be bought; trips taken and cars ordered. It’s all about material gains and golden words like employment and GDP.’ Read this thought provoking piece on how we are destroying the natural surroundings and thereby worsening our own standard of living.

The Land Acquisition Act . . Are we asking the right questions? 

This article highlights the basic point of contention in the raging debate surrounding the Land Bill Ordinance. Read the post to know what the Land Bill means and what the noise is all about.

12 Exercises That Burn The Most Calories

Whenever the topic of quick or fast weight loss pops in a conversation, exercises that burn the most calories are usually the first thing that comes to mind. Burning more calories ensures trimming the fat, and you can’t be blamed for wanting more. So lets cut the chase and come to the point- what are the exercises that burn the most calories. Read more to know the 12 exercises that will substantially burn your stubborn calories.

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