The relationship between Arvind Kejriwal and Lt Gov Najeeb Jung has been a love-hate one that has seen many twists and turns over the past year or so

Arvind Kejriwal The Love Hate Saga of Arvind Kejriwal and Lt Gov Najeeb Jung

  1. Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung could well be pulling off the petals of a flower playing a metaphorical “He loves me, He loves me not” game and may come up with a different answer each time. For the relationship between the Lt Gov of Delhi and its famous 49 day Chief Minister, the irrepressible Arvind Kejriwal is just such a saga of love and hate; of acceptance and rejection. If at one time Kejriwal has spoken approvingly of the LG, there are times when he has labeled him an ‘agent’ of different parties.
  2. They were happier times, when Lt Gov Najeeb Jung had called upon AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal to form the government at the nation’s capital Delhi; after which Kejriwal was sworn in as the CM of the state by the Lt Gov. in December of last year.
  3. All was hunky dory with the relationship between the CM and the LG, with the former referring to the “good equation” between the two. Kejriwal had admitted to “admiring that gentleman” who apparently, at the time was a “very, very nice guy” and also particularly fond of Kejriwal. He also went on record to say that relations with the LG, whom he referred to as a “very noble person”, were very good and that they should always remain good. (source India Today)
  4. However definite signs of friction between the CM and the LG were noted over the point of the former’s pet project, the Jan Lokpal Bill. Kejriwal met the Lt Gov Jung to discuss the bill and then threatened to resign if the legislation was not passed. (source – Tehelka)
  5. At the time Kejriwal had accused Jung of being a “Congress Agent”; that he was favouring the party rather than doing the job of looking after the interests of the people of Delhi. (Source – India Today)
  6. In more recent times, when it became clear that the LG would have to invite the party with the largest number of legislators, BJP to form the government in Delhi, Kejriwal has had less than charitable things to say about Jung, this time for different reasons.
  7. Now Kejriwal referred to Jung as a BJP agent, accusing him of favouring the party. While asking for an all party meeting to discuss the formation of the government, Kejriwal was reported as having said that “It is unfortunate that LG is in active collusion with BJP and running the backdoor government for the BJP” and that he was doing acting as an agent of the party rather than protecting the constitution of the country. (Source – Economic Times)
  8. One wonders what these flip flops mean. Does Kejriwal think the LG is an agent of the Congress or the BJP? And isn’t it sad for the people of India that the one person whom we thought presented a genuine alternative to traditional politics and politicos is now being seen as inconsistent, unreliable, obdurate and combative? Many supporters are now feeling some amount of disillusionment with the AAP and Arvind alike. Meanwhile here are some Arvind Kejriwal cartoons inspired by this uniquely fractious entity of Indian politics:arvind kejriwal resigns The Love Hate Saga of Arvind Kejriwal and Lt Gov Najeeb Jung AAP II 13 The Love Hate Saga of Arvind Kejriwal and Lt Gov Najeeb Jung AAP II 10 The Love Hate Saga of Arvind Kejriwal and Lt Gov Najeeb Jung AAP II 6 The Love Hate Saga of Arvind Kejriwal and Lt Gov Najeeb Jung AAP promises cartoon The Love Hate Saga of Arvind Kejriwal and Lt Gov Najeeb Jung

Image courtesy – Sir Arvind Kejriwal Jokes on Facebook, cartoons of Arvind Kejriwal and Assorted AAP Cartoons

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