Kejriwal’s actions are quite suggestive of fake promises promised by him. He is here to wrestle with Modi and not look after Delhi.


The man who promised for a revolution-for-good, assured for the corruption-free India, proclaimed for the safety of girls and what not did he come up with, a man layered with layers of phony deceiving oaths, when need of his was darn votes.

keep calm and vote for aap 1 Kejriwals Duty Is To Keep An Eye On Modi Rather Than Delhi

Since Kejriwal has won Delhi election with flying colours, his true colours eventually surfaced up. His so-emphasized vow to not play politics on the terrain of politics itself turned out as a strategy to gobble up as many innocent and manipulated votes as possible, evicting the central government out from India’s very own capital.

Arvind Kejriwal with AAP members1 Kejriwals Duty Is To Keep An Eye On Modi Rather Than Delhi

Kejriwal perhaps came into rule to do zilch good to Delhi but to get down on the political race track and clash with central government every other day. Modi to Kejriwal is no less than a narcotic drug. A day without muffler is fair enough but without a twitter-war with Modi is as worst as drought to farmers.

Arvind Kejriwal Lalu Yadav Nitish Oath ceremony Kejriwals Duty Is To Keep An Eye On Modi Rather Than Delhi

Be it about improper services by Delhi police or Lalit Gate, Kejriwal is tour de force in roping in Modi and tainting his image. He doesn’t mind being an ass-licker of Lalu even to comspire against Modi. He can collaborate with corrupted Lalu in thirst of Modi’s ill-fame. Yet, he is so honest.

By Prerna Daga

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