Kerala Assembly on March 13 – When the opposition has genuine complaints against the government or any minister, there are legitimate ways of expressing it

The common belief is that education makes people more civilized  and refined. However, time and again, this myth  has been shattered  by the unruly behaviour of  the elected representatives, most of them well educated.

kerala assembly The Violence Staged in the Kerala Assembly on March 13 Is Shameful ~ Readers Voice

The Kerala Assembly on March 13

What happened in the Assembly on that day was disgraceful and all  Keralites had to hang their heads in shame to have the misfortune of witnessing such an extreme hooliganism staged by their elected representatives. India is a vibrant democracy  and every party has the  right to protest and oppose the government and its policies. When the opposition has a genuine complaint against the government or any  minister, there are legitimate and democratic ways of expressing it.

They can very well boycott the minister both inside and outside the House, they can shout slogans against him or organize rallies and demonstrations all over. But their actions of physically blocking the Speaker from entering the House, breaking and  throwing away his chair, breaking his computer and mikes, climbing on the tables and  pushing the watch and ward and rushing menacingly towards the treasury benches keeping the women members in front as shields were all unbecoming of the elected representatives.

We have not expected such wayward behaviour from those who  represent  the so-called educated and politically conscious people. Were they not aware  that  the whole world was witnessing the entire drama and the reputation of the whole people whom they represent was at stake ?

Did they forget that  they will have to go back to the same people tomorrow. The visuals shown by the news media were so disgusting that the voters, I am sure, will feel ashamed of facing these leaders when they confront them next time.


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